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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 6
« on: July 28, 2009, 02:03:57 PM »
This aspect of Sivam or Brahmam, wherein all the lives and nonliving objects appearing on It, staying in It and dissolving at the end
is also reflected upon by Saiva Siddhanta Sages.  Manikkvachagar
in his TirupaLLi Ezhucchi, Verse 8 says:

You are the first, the second and the end,
The three could not fathom you, who can fathom?
You along with your lady who has a ball in her tender fingers,
Stay for ever in the old temple of all your devotees.
You show your effulgent form,
Then the temple of Tiruperundurai,
And then the Brahmin form, and ruled over me,
O my Nectar, please wake up (and bless).

This verse has got an apparent meaning.  In subtle level,
the first, the second and the end is, the beings and objects
appearing in Brahman, staying and dissolving.  This is the
same as Bhagavan Ramana said in the Verse 2 of SAP.
The three could not fathom you.... Apparently, it means Brahma,
Vishnu and Rudra could not fathom you.  Or, the wakeful, dream
and deep sleep states could not fathom you.  Or, the ego, maya
and karma could not fathom you!   This is Turiyam.  The Beyond,
of three states or three gods or three malams, impurities.  But
unlike these, This is eternal, for ever.  This is exactly what Bhagavan
Ramana meant by the word, Nittiyamum, in SAP.

Then Manikkavachagar says:  You are in the "old temple".  What
is this old temple, older than any other temple on the earth? Older
than the oldest temple of Chidambaram, Arunachaleswarar, and
Kanchi Kamakshi.  This "oldest temple" is the Heart of human beings!
It is the Heart, as Bhagavan Ramana says, in SAP.

Manikkvachagar goes further says in TirupaLLi Ezhucchi, Verse 8. 
The Heart comes out in three forms, the Effulgence, Arunachala
Hill, which is the oldest, some 3 billion years old, as old as the
earth, then as Siva Lingam, Sri Arunachaleswarar and then the
Brahmin, Bhagavan Guru Ramana.     

Okay, why should Sivam or Brahmam or the Heart appear along
with the lady with with a ball in her tender hands?  She is Unnamulai
or Mahamaya.  Mahamaya is as primordial as Sivam or Brahman.
What is the ball in her tender fingers?  It is the aspect of all
creation, sustenance and dissolution!  The Divine Play of Mahamaya.

Okay, what is Tiruperundurai?  The word denotes the temple of
Avadayar Kovil, where Manikkavachagar saw the Siva lingam, after
witnessing the Effulgence.  Tiru Perun durai, also literally means the Holy Great Source.  What is the Holy Great Source?  It is the Heart.
It is the greatest Source of all worlds and beings.  It contains
the mind, the Maya aspect.  As the mind rises in the morning,
you see the world, people.  The world rises with the Heart, then
stays in the Heart and then curls up in the Heart in sleep!

Arunachala Siva.