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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 5
« on: July 28, 2009, 12:25:04 PM »
Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam's second verse speaks about the
Swarupa Lakshnam, of the Self or Brahman.  Brahman is both
Nature and Grace.  Nature is mentioned in this verse.  Grace or
the Anugraham has been mentioned in the first verse.

The Tamil verse reads as under:

Chittiramam ihdhu ellam Chemmalaiye nin pale,
Uthithamay ninre odungidumal  -  Nittiyamum
Nan enru idhayam nadithiduvaiyal un per
Than idhayam enriduvar thaam.

The Chemmalai is the Red Hill, Arunachala.  Bhagavan does not
distinguish between the Self and Arunachala.  This is the Heart,

This Chemmalai is a Wonder.  Chitram is the Sanskrit word,
which means picture and also the wonder.  Sri Sankara uses
this word in Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotram.  Chitram vadatharor
mule, vriddha sishya gurur yuva.....  Bhagavan Ramana uses
both the meaning picture and wonder. 

On the Red Hill, Brahman, ALL things inanimate, animate etc.,
have their beginning or appearance.  Then they stay there
and eventually they curl up there, after the purpose for
which they have come.  Men and women, are born, they stay
in the world for sometime and then die.  Every soul curl up
in Brahman.  Not only human and other living beings, even
animate objects appear, stay and die out.  The oceans get
dry, the earth has its crumbling, the air stops, the fire extinguishes.
The old continents are not there today.  Eg. Lemuria continent,
which has sunk in Indian Ocean.  With global warming the ice
and ozone zones are dissipating.  The oceans get dry.  There is
no air beyond 100 kms of earth's cirumference.  What remains?
Only Space.  Akasam.  The Space is Brahman and it is portrayed
as Red Hill, Arunachala.

Bhagavan Ramana says in Who am I? "Just like Aditya, the
Sun rises without any wish or thought, iccha and sankalpa
and upon whose Presence, the sun-stone emits fire, the lotus
blooms, lakes dry up, the people in the world conduct and finish
their work as per the three types or five types of work that they
are destined.  It is like needle moving when brought near a
magnet.  The magnet does no do a thing!  It is the needle's
dance all the way!  Iswara or Brahman is Sankalpa-rahita.  No
wish, no thought.  It is like the world's karmas do not affect
the Sun, none of the works affect the Brahman.  Like the Space,
not affected by the other four elements.

The Brahman dances in Pure Space.  This is the dance of Nataraja, the Cosmic Dancer.  Chitadakasam.  The same Brahman dances within you as I, I, I, in the Heart Centre.  His name is Heart.  For the seekers, it is first the Heart Centre. Then he will realize that he is Brahman,
the one without a second, the Pure Space.  This dance is eternal.
Bhagavan uses the word Nittiyamum, ever, eternally.  He also
uses the word dance, this dance is the Cosmic dance.  The dance
always means staying as well as moving in rhythm.  Everything
is stationery but moving due to Mahamaya in perfect rhythm.
Mahamaya is inseparable part of Brahman.  Unnamulai is the
inseparable concorporate of Annamalai.

Arunachala Siva.