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Ramana Anubhuti (2)
« on: July 27, 2008, 12:26:05 PM »
A few samples from the portion called, Guru Anugraha Nidhi,
the Guru's Gracious Bounty.

" Foolishly, through my mind's arrogance, I was forgetful of
the Self's eternal reality, and was lost, until the Lord, through
his gracious teaching reunited me with that eternally existing
pure awareness which is my own true nature."

" Know that the vision of the truth we behold when we enter
and subside within the Heart, so that the treacherous ties of
worldly bondage which attend the illusion of the body are
abolished, is indeed the gracious state of final liberation.  For
within the SElf, whose nature is pure seeing, any world which
appears to possess reality is in fact an illusion."

" Through my Master's gracious revelation, sinking deep within
myself, I know that it was pure falsehood to claim that the state of
forgetfulness in which though diversifies, giving rise to the pairs
of opposites, could be inherent in the lofty conditon of pure,
Non-dual consicousness."

" Desirous of knowing Him, we steady our minds, playing Thol-
Nokkam* in our inner awareness as we perform our worship.
Then through the indestructible nature of those holy feet, does
He grant us freedom from the terror caused by our mind's
defilement.  Thol-Nokkam!*"

* Thol-Nokkam in Tamil means 'aiming at the shoulder'.  In
children's game, they end up with placing the hands of the
each opposing pair on the shoulders of the other.  In poetry
it is used as a symbol of the approach of the soul to Siva's
feet.  Manikkavachagar, the composer of Tiruvachakam, has
got 10 songs in the Decad of Thiru-Thol-Nokkam, where
every song ends with "Thol-Nottakm Kaanaamo!" -- "We shall
look at the shoulders of Siva."

Interestingly, Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni adopted the same
technique with Bhagavan, when he came running to see Him
in the Hill, with utter despair and restlessness.  He placed his
two hands on His feet,  his right hand on His right foot and his
left hand on His left foot, that is in cross!  This is is the perfect
Saranagati, Surrender, since the devotee is not supposed to
touch Guru's right foot with his left hand!

Arunachala Siva.