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VRS for spiritual pursuit
« on: July 26, 2009, 10:35:16 AM »
A few people in India, have opted for Voluntary Retirement from
Service during early 2000's.  This was because the banking, insurance
and some other corporates wanted to go for pruning of staff, due to
computerization and so the managements offered the scheme of
voluntary retirement, whereby the willing staff could go on retirement,
by taking some bulk amounts.  I think this scheme has also come in
IT companies due to global meltdown.  This offer was accepted by
many staff since there was some bulk money offered, which they
could use for say, a buying a house, or conducting marriages etc.,
Some like me got bored with the work and hence they accepted it.

A small percentage had accepted this offer to do spritual pursuits!

They thought that by getting some 10 hours per day without work,
they could do bhajans, visit temples, do meditation, listen to
discourses etc., This was a great fallacy.  People cannot suddenly
spend this time, only with spiritual pursuits.  When they sit for
meditation, they get waves of unwanted thoughts and they suffer.
Neither spiritual pursuit is done nor they are mentall free.  On the
contrary, they get into a lot of thought-puddle, some thoughts were more diabolic and got ruined. 

It is advised that such people should first do some karma, work,
related to spiritual or ethical areas.  Like they can teach Maths,
English and Telugu for some children without fees.  They can attend to non-government social work, like going and helping blind children
in schools, reading a lot of non fictional works relating to ethics,
social psychology, religion etc.,  In other words, they do karma to
beat the vaccuum of karma.  Slowly they should take up pilgrimages if they can afford, reading Bhagavan Ramana's works etc., They should, in short, keep themselves busy throughout the day and do meditation for short times to start with and then increase it to longer hourse in due course of time.

It is with this background, that ancient Hinduism fixed karmas for various classes people.  These karmas have got a social content and also a way of spiritual living.  These karma classifications later became caste system which is unfortunate.  These karmas are
nitya karmas, daily obligatory work, naimitya karmas like selective work depending upon the occasion or demands.

The man cannot get away without work.  Fulltime meditation does not come in, on the Day 1.  If some one tries to resign the job or leave the job, only for spiritual pursuit, he is sure to be ruined.

Arunachala Siva.                 


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Re: VRS for spiritual pursuit
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2009, 12:18:17 PM »
Excellent piece of advice. I opted for early retirement more out of frustration that my employer failed to remunerate me as per market standards. I took a house for rent in Tiruvannamalai and spent more time for spiritual pursuit. Since I am a family man with strong ties, it did not work out for long. Soon I got a job with
emoluments better than what I was drawing. Shortly,I also got a call from my previous employer who matched my salary expectations. Hence, I shifted back to Chennai and resumed to work .

Bhagavan has stated "If you are not destined to work , you will not get a job,however hard you may hunt for it;
if you are destined to work, you can not avoid it ."  In my chequered career, this axiomatic truth greatly comforts , makes me stoic and understand the realities of life.


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Re: VRS for spiritual pursuit
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2009, 12:33:24 PM »
Dear arcsekar,

Yes.  This is the experience of many seekers.  The fruit cannot
become ripe, unless there is a passage of time.  I have known
some people ending up with more cigarettes, more liquor and
more gambling.

I also strongly believe that one cannot live permanently in
Tiruvannamalai, unless one is spiritually mature.  In the
beginning, Bhagavan Ramana calls you once in a year or more
frequently, but one cannot remain there permanently unless
Bhagavan wills it.  It needs extraordinary perseverence and
Bhagavan's grace to do it.  David Godman and others have
done this and successfully too.

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: VRS for spiritual pursuit
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2010, 03:10:24 PM »
Well said Subramanian garu.

Ramana Maharshi used to say

People imagine that the devotees crowding around a jnani get special favours from him. If a Guru shows partiality, how can he be a jnani? Is he so foolish as to be flattered by people's attendance on him and the service they do? Does distance matter? The Guru is pleased with him only who gives himself up entirely, who abandons his ego forever. Such a man is taken care of wherever he may be. He need not pray. God looks after him unasked. The frog lives by the side of the fragrant lotus, but it is the bee that gets the honey.

So it is not correct that people who live only in arunachalam and not in pakistan can get moksha.

But as said earlier in my previous posts if going to arunachalam can give us peace of mind then we are most welcome to go.


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Re: VRS for spiritual pursuit
« Reply #4 on: July 09, 2010, 04:00:41 PM »

Dear prasanth,

Sri Arunachala Mahatmyam says two things about Arunachalam:

1. One is:  When someone looks it with great attention, or when
someone thinks and contemplates on it when being away from sight,
in both the cases, the purport of Vedanta which is Moksham, can
be attained without pains.  What does it mean?  If you are fortunate
enough, live in Arunahalam and keep gazing at that wonderful Hill,
often in a day.  Or if you are not lucky  enough to live in Arunachalam, go to Arunachalam once in a while, to look at it with fervor and devotion.   Otherwise, it is always there to contemplate on it.  The Aruna Hill is a huge magnet, it will attract you even if
you contemplate on it.  What is essential is "smaranam."   Graham
Body, the Administrator has facilitated the webcam to serve this
purpose partially.  Incidentally, how many of you see the webcam
photos?  I see it at least three or four times everyday.  Today I
find that the photo is not updated, since Thursday, 9.09 AM.

2.  What is the second?  If one lives within the three yojanas of radius from Arunachalam, say about 27 kms. such persons will
attain Siva Sayujyam, (abiding in Sivam), with out diksha or mantra.  This is Siva's order.  If the second is not there, the first one, that
is smaranam is always there.

There is a sloka in Talks, quoted by Bhagavan on Kasi, Chidambram, Tiruvarur and Tiruvannamalai.  To attain moksham with contemplation on Arunachalam is the easiest.  Arunachalam is the
Self, Brahman. For other ways of attaining moksham, one should
take birth [which is not in our hands] in Tiruvarur; or one should
die in Kasi [which is again not in our hands.  A fellow going to
Kasi for the purpose, may die in Hyderabad on the way]; to have
darshan of Chidamabaram, which is again not possible unless you have got good health and enough money.  Arunachalam does not require anything but only your attention.

Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: VRS for spiritual pursuit
« Reply #5 on: July 09, 2010, 05:04:02 PM »
well said Subramanian Garu.

I remember we had discussion already regarding this in the forum in the past and below one gives more details.

I remember you said once in the forum

There could still be many thousands who reside in Tiruvannamalai
and do not become Bhagavan's devotees.  This is like living in
Kasi and not taking bath in Ganga!  These people are called Kshetra Papis, the sinners in a Holy Place.

Arunachala Siva. 

Once Dr Raju said in this forum as below

Dear Srk Udai,
                   I am fully aware that body age is not related to spiritual understanding it is quite surprising that a 30yr old young person like you is endowed with so much understanding and i am also surprised to see people vegetating in Tiruvannamalai for the past thity years without any understanding whatsoever,leading a mechanical life there and highly egoistic because of the qualification of their just staying at Tiruvannamalai instead of their native place.You have a great future because your present is great.

So living in arunachalam has advantages only when it goes hand-in-hand with our constant self-enquiry sadhana.

Ramana's family consists of members who follow his teachings irrespective of which place they reside.

If going to arunachalam can increase their faith/devotion and help in their sadhana then it is always suggested to visit the HOLY PLACE.

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Re: VRS for spiritual pursuit
« Reply #6 on: July 09, 2010, 08:28:48 PM »
Dying in Kasi..... I heard this information that.. those who die in Kasi for them at the last moment Shiva himself says Rama Rama into their ears and they can attain Sivaloka. This is the reason many old people go and live there.
But Bhagavan shows the way how to die while you are alive!. If we know it is not necessary to go anywhere.



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Re: VRS for spiritual pursuit
« Reply #7 on: July 10, 2010, 01:39:07 PM »

Dear Ramanaduli,

Bhagavan Ramana has said that none of these pilgrimages, prayers
in a particular temples, bathing in holy waters, are necessary if one
stays with Guru and have his darshan with faith and devotion.
Not only a living Guru but also His Presence in the Samadhi, will
give all benefits that are given by these pilgrimages etc.,

He says in Verse 3 of ULLadu Narpadu: [Supplement]

If one seeks Sadhu's company, there is no need for any niyamam
[obligatory daily practices, monthly practices, annual practices etc.,]. Who will keep a hand fan, when southern breeze [thenral in Tamizh]
is blowing?

He says in Verse 4 of ULLadu Narpadu: [Supplement]

The heat will subside with cool moon rays, poverty with Karpaga
Tree, sins with bathing in Ganga.  But all these requirements will
be got from the darshan of a Sadhu.

He says in Verse 5 of ULLadu Narpadu: [Supplement]

The tirtha yatra, bathing in wholy waters, visiting temples,
gods which are made of stone and clay -  All these will confer
purity in countless days of such activities.  But darshan of Sadhu,
will confer purity in just one gaze of him.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: VRS for spiritual pursuit
« Reply #8 on: August 02, 2010, 06:12:26 PM »
To my mind it is as per Bhagavans will one goes to Tiruvannamalai or other place. Wherever one is now is perfectly fine, universe is such an organism which places everyone exactly where should they be in order to get another piece of puzzle. So, my point is, that if anybody is destined to live near Arunachala, they will live without asking. Many come and say "maybe i should go to Aruna hill", "maybe I should go there.. here.." whatever, it is only a doubt that plays and not the will of Him which does not doubt, it just places you without asking i.e. no doubt and no question arises in ones mind, it is clearly seen in Ramanas life where he leaves home...

Truth or waking up has nothing to do with places, time or states of consciousness.


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Re: VRS for spiritual pursuit
« Reply #9 on: August 02, 2010, 06:43:45 PM »

Dear amiatall,

I perfectly agree with you.  For a mature sadhaka, any place is
okay to contemplate on Arunachala Ramana within.  But it is
only middlings, whose charge is less, needs recharge now and
then.  For that matter, for Bhagavan Ramana, who had already
attained self realization in Madurai, the need for going to Arunachala remained like a burning hunger.  It is all God's way.

One poet from Tiruvannamalai has sung a short poem:

Neerellam gangai, nilamellam kasi,
Oorellam thillai, giriyellam Arunagiri.

All waters are Ganga, All lands are Kasi,
All towns are Thillai [Chidambaram] and
All hills are Aruna Hill.

That is the pinnacle of maturity for an advanced seeker.

Arunachala Siva.