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« on: July 24, 2009, 02:11:38 PM »
gazing into the eyes of a sage is a very ancient tradition in the vedanta, in tibetan buddhism there is also the possibility of getting direct transmission via eye contact, but the ancient vedantic linieages see this "practice" of much more value and importance...

it is also very deeply rooted in the sufi tradition, rumi used this way of guiding very much, and alot of his divine-nectar poetry is inspired by this practice....

for example: "if you want to know god, look into the eyes of your friend and dont turn away"

you see ramana said "if the eyes of the guru meet with the eyes of the devotee, no words are neccessary"

why am I writing all this in this forum?

because it is a wonderfull practice to look at photos of sages, and this is also darshan....I feel it to be nurturing my meditaiton, it is like getting food for the heart, you see it helps your psyche as well,you get convidence if you look in the eyes of ramana for a long start to trust people arround you and yourself, and you dont get lost in conversations so easily

how to practice this? just look at a photo of bhagawan (there is a special one, I wil post a link later), just meet his penetrating gaze, if thought arise no problem, if emotions arise no problem, if nothing happens also no problem...the transmission of spriitual energy is beyond mind so it dioes not matte if mind moves or is still....

try to be as clear as you can, dont let your eyes get blurry like in a sitting meditation with open eyes, be as clear as possible.....

I practice this during the day but mostly in my morning meditation to creat sattvic qualities in the first houra of hte day...then the mind will be more used to this during the rest of the day...

here is a photograph, I would be happy to hear what happened to you while you made the experiment...

may it be auspicious


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Re: darshan
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2009, 02:16:19 PM »
oh and if you have confidence in the strenght of this practice, please sit down with your loved ones and make the same....

bhagawan will give his divine nectar also in this sittings and it is important to see the people arround you as the guru and yourself too...otherwise the sadhana is limited to some minutes a it can enter the world at large


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Re: darshan
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2009, 11:39:14 AM »
Dear matthias,

Very nice post.  In fact the word Darshan comes from the Sanskrit
word Darsanam, which means, gazing and self realization through
listening, contemplating etc., mananam, sravanam etc.,  In fact
Vedas are called Darsanams, i.e. words gazed by the ancient Sages,
in the all encompassing Space!  Vedas were not written by anybody.
They were 'seen' by the Rishis and then they paraphrased them!
And it helps to listen and contemplate on those divine words to
attain self realization.

This gazing can be of two types.  One is disciple gazing at the
face of the Guru or his eyes.  Muruganar calls it as Tiru Kan Nokkam
and there are some verses on this title in Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai,
the book on the Holy Presence of Sri Ramana.

The other is guru's gazing at the disciple.  This is more powerful.
Bhagavan Ramana sometimes will be looking at the Hill or looking
vacanty without any specific object.  Suddenly after some silence,
He would look at particular person.  And that is the sakshu-diksha.
Inititation through eyes. Many devotees had melted like ice on
such gazing.  Devaraja Mudaliar, as I wrote recently under "Is it
That" post suddenly had a glimpse of the Self and asked: Is it

Swami Natananda has written a small book under the title Sri
Ramana Darsanam.  David Godman has translated this into

This gazing, "the eye-meeting-the eye" game, as Prof. K. Swaminathan calls it, is a delightful and powerful experience.

Thanks once again for the nice post.

Arunachala Siva.