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The Seven Pots of Gold
« on: July 24, 2009, 10:42:45 AM »
Once there was a barber who was doing his duty for the king.
The king was generously giving him one gold coin for every
time of his work.  The barber, was definitely in a better financial
position when compared to his clan.  However, he felt that he
should have more riches in life.  One day, when he was journeying
in the forest, he heard a voice of a Yaksha [the Holy Angel] telling
him: O barber, do not worry.  Go back to your house, you will
see seven pots of gold coins!

The barber became very happy.  He quickly rushed to his house.
There were seven pots.  But gold was only half filled in the
seventh pot.  In other words, he had six and a half pots of gold.
He was a little disappointed.  Anyhow, he decided to fill in the
seventh pot with his royal income.  He continued his work with
the king, and placed one coin every day, without eating, without
proper clothes, not caring the wife and children.  Still the seventh
pot did not come to the brim.  This continued for some more weeks.
He became morose.  While working with the king, the king noticed
the melancholy of the barber.  In spite of good royal income, this
fellow is not happy, why, he was thinking.

One day, the king asked the barber, why he was melancholic.
The barber said:  Nothing, sir!   The king said:  I know. Have
you also got seven pots of gold from the Yaksha?  The barber
was surprised.  The king continued:  Yes. I also got seven pots
from Yaksha.  But one pot was not full.  I started saving and
putting gold coins into that pot but that pot never got to the brim.
The only result was that I became melancholic in life, asking for
more and more gold coins from the citizens as tax.  One day,
I went to the Yaksha and returned the seven pots.  From that day,
I became quite happy.  Go and throw back the seven pots to the
Yaksha.  You will become happy in life!

Our search for the happiness in the world is also like this.  We
want good job.  Then we want a good wife. Then good children.
Then their weddings.  One day, we get struck with illnesses and
senility.  We want health.  We definitely want long life without
death.  Our search and attainment gives only more more discontent, and further search, which is futile after some time.

Do not depend on happiness from the world.  Depend on Bhagavan Ramana or any Guru or God and you will attain happiness.  You continue your search for the world's happiness to a minimum extent and be content with what you get!   

(From Brahmasri Nochur's Satsangh)

Arunachala Siva.