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"First, she heard his name!"
« on: July 21, 2009, 01:48:48 PM »
Bhagavan Ramana's autobiography is given by Him, in a very
brief manner, in Sri Arunachala Ashtakam.  There, He says:
" One person told me 'Arunachalam'."  The name brought a change
in Him and He wanted to know from that relative, "What is it?"
The relative said: "It is a large Siva-kshetram.  Arunachaleswarar
is there with Apeetakuchambal.  There is also a Hill in the name
of Arunachalam."  He then asked:  "Where is that place?"  You
don't know.  It is Tiruvannamalai!"   The name, Arunachaleswara's
feature and his place, created a current in Him.  Soon, He rushed
to Tiruvannamalai.  He went in search of Arunachala's form. 
He saw but he did not see.  There is no seen and the seer. He forgot
even His name and all the formalities of life!  These details are available in Sri Arunachala Ashtakam.  Bhagavan Ramana's biography is again available in a brief manner in Sri Ramana Ashtottaram, of Sri Viswanatha Swami.  Once when someone asked Bhagavan Ramana about His life, He had said:  "The Ashtottaram itself is my biography!"

Smt. T.R. Kanakammal, in her commentary of Bhagavan Ramana's
Complete Works, has quoted the famous song of Saint Tirunavukkarasar, in this context.

Munnam avanudaiya namam kettaL,

-  First, she heard his holy name!

Moorthy avan irukkum vannam kettaL,

- Later she asked his features!  [what is he? etc., etc.,]

Pinne avanudaiya arur kettaL,

- Then, she asked his place!

Perthum avanukke picchi anaL!

- She got uprooted and became mad after him!

Annaiyum athainaiyum anre neethaL,

- She forsook her mother and all other things!

Aganral av vidhathar achrathai,

-  She left all the formalities of her home!

Thannai maranthaL than namam kettaL,

- She forgot herself, she lost her name!

ThalaipattaL nangai thalaivan thaLe,

- She made her journey to search his holy feet!

This state of lady-devotee of Siva described by Saint Tirunavukkarasar,  (About Tiruvarur Siva, Sri Vanmika Nathar)
has been graphically compared with the state of Bhagavan
Ramana, in her commentary.

Bhagavan Ramana is considered as an avatara of Skanda,
after Tiru Jnana Sambandhar.  This poem compares His
state with that of Tiruvnavukkarasar in the description of
a  lady-devotee of Siva who became mad with Sri Vanmika Nathar.

Arunachala Siva.