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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 4
« on: July 19, 2009, 04:26:21 PM »
The Effulgence of Arunachala swallows the universe.  The form
of universe which is comprised of multifarious worlds, moving
in this limitless expanse of the Space is taken as a mere mouthful!
To signify that he consumes this universe with all the life on it
by a mere part of his inborn force.  "Kabalanam" in the Verse
means a mouthful.  The Self consumes the universe as a mere
mouthful.  The Upanishad says:  "For Whom this universe is
like a pickle-piece!"  When the universe is inconceivably large,
the Brahman is the largest.

The Tamil verse reads as under:

AruL niRaivana amudhak kadale,
Viri kathiral yavum vizhungum  -- Aruna
Giri Paramanmave, kiLar uLappoo nanrai
Viri Paridhiyaga viLangu.   

Bhagavan Ramana uses the word 'vizhungum' for kabalanam.
One gulp or one mouthful.  'uLappoo' is the Heart Lotus' -
"Chittakanjam"  "Viri kathir" is the kiranavalya, the all spreading
wreath of rays of the Supreme Sun.   "Viri Paridhi" is Arunobhavam.
The effulgence of Arunachala.

Lakshmana Sarma has made a paraphrase verse in Sanskrit
for the first verse of SAP. It reads:

"O Sea of the Nectar of Grace, Arunachala, Sun of Pure Consciousness swallowing up (like darkness) all the worlds by your Light of
Consciousness, destroy the darkness within by spreading Thy Light
which makes the bud of the Heart-Lotus full-blown."

Lakshmana Saram has also written 11 verses in Sanskrit as Varttikam, commentary for the first verse.  I shall give a few verses in translation:

Serial No. 8 of (Lakshmana Sarama's 108 verses):  In the first
verse His blessed Grace is prayed for, so that His devotees might
attain identity with Him.  Here it is also shown that the Supreme
Being is wordless.

10. It is right to assume that Grace is the Nature, not a quality
of the Supreme Being, since in all the Upanishads, it is said
that He has no qualities - Nirguna.  The difference between Nature
and Quality is an important one in Advaitic philosphy.

14.  The Grace of the Supreme Being simply makes the untruth
untrue.  Nothing more needs to be done, since He Himself is the
true Self.

16.  Just as darkness, which is unreal, is taken as something real
by the ignorant, so too the illusion, Maya, together with its effects
[the worlds] which is non-existent, is taken as something existing
by the ignorant.  [This untruth is shown as untrue, by the Self].

One correction in the first post.  The Sanskrit Benedictory verse
was composed by Daivarata (Gajanan) and not by Kavya Kanta
Ganapati Muni.  The Tamil Benedictory verse is by Bhagavan Himself.

Arunachala Siva.