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Tenth Man-a funny tale with high philosophy
« on: July 19, 2009, 03:50:25 PM »
There was a Guru with ten stupid students.He asked the students to cross the river and wait for him on the other bank.He warned them about
the depth and current of the river. Asked them to exercise care and caution.

The scary students mangaged to cross the river and reached the other side of the river.Out of anxiety,they wanted to check about safe arrival of the entire group of ten.The first one proceeded  without first counting himself and ended up with ""Nine"├Ânly.Startled, they organised recounting, but the score never crossed Nine ;because each of them inadvertently omitted to include himself in the count.They cried in chorus about the loss of one of their team members and cursed the river.

At last, the Guru came on the scene.He understood their problem. He gave a blow to each of the students to call out numbers.One..Two..Three
the last one shouted Ten .The total tallied.Students beamed with joy that all of them are very much alive and kicking.Thus the Guru solved a
non-existent problem.

Bhagavan Ramana used to narrate this funny story to explain the need for Self Enquiry.

In the book Kaivalya Navaneetham (Tamil) published by Sri Ramanashram,the philosophy underlying the story is well expounded.

                             Story line                                                                                  Philosophy

a)Every student forgetting to count himself                                a)Ignorance of Self -Agnanam.We disregard the Self and direct our thoughts
                                                                                             on other objects exeternal to us

b)Tenth Man not found                                                           b)Illusion-Maya.  Mind filters  the Reality. Unreal things appear as Real

c)Crying over the missing person                                              c)Wrong identification--Vikshepa .We identify ourselves with Body/Mind
                                                                                            Jeeva Bodam- and undergo sufferings.

d)Guru asked the students to call out numbers                           d)Indirect knowledge-Paroksha Gnanam-Guru can only give some
                                                                                            techniques to find out the Truth.Seeker has to work out the same

e)Joy of students, when they discovered the tenth student           e)Direct knowledge-Aparoksha Gnanam.Bliss of Self. The tenth man was
                                                                                              only a rediscovery of what was already there.We are always the Self
                                                                                              before and after realisation.When realisation dawns we regain the happy
                                                                                              state which is our  Nature.

Therefore, let us keep our attention always on the Self and be happy.