Author Topic: Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 3  (Read 3535 times)


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Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 3
« on: July 19, 2009, 02:21:51 PM »
The first verse reads:

Karunapurna sudhabdhe
kabalitaghana visvarupa kiranvalya
Arunachala paramatman
aruno bhava chittakanjavikasaya.

The ocean of grace, karuna purna sudhabhe, is Brahman's
natural-ness.  It is not a quality.  If one says, sugar, one
immediately knows its sweetness and whiteness.  Nobody
needs to say White Sugar.  The sweetness is its naturalness
along with its whiteness.  The Self is an Ocean of Mercy.  Siva
is Grace or Love.  The Ocean of immortality is full of compassion.

But is Brahman only Ocean of Grace.  It is also Light.  Such an
ocean of grace, by a wreath of rays, is swallowing up the entire
dense form of the universe.  Kabalitagana visvarupa.... 

Ok.  He is merciful.  He swallows up the entire universe.  What is
His name.  We have to give a name for the namelss!  He is
Arunachala Paramatman.  Arunachala himself is the Supreme Self.
The name is with a reason.  He is Aruna - Effulgence.  Jyoti. Tejas.
Light.  Call it with any name.  Arunachala Puranam says he was
a column of light which Brahma and Vishnu [buddhi and ahankaram,
ego] could not fathom.  This Paramatman is also A-runa.  One who
removes your debts.  The debts of merits and demerits, births
and deaths. 

How does this Arunachala act by its mercy and effulgent form?
Chitta-kanja-suvikasaya.  He makes the Heart, the Lotus, blossom, with its effulgence and also the Grace showered into your Heart
now becomes the honey inside the Lotus!   The devotees graced
by Bhagavan Ramana or Arunachala or the Self also becomes
merciful with honey in him.  The Grace of Sun always flows.  But
the lotus should look at it and open itself with Sun's rays. 

Bhagavan Ramana says: Grace is always there. But you should
become a fit vessel.  The Sun's rays will fall on everything but
only lotus blossoms.  Bhagavan Ramana says:  'Thandalar mandukam anen... One should not be like a frog!  See Verse 6 Sri Arunachala Padigam.  The frog also remains along with the lotus. But it is only the lotus that blossoms and oozes honey.  Frog remains as it is.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 3
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2009, 11:00:07 AM »
Karunapurna sudhabde---Normally a ocean is salty. This ocean is nectar. In the geography of the world Earth is  just a quarter part and ocean is three quarter.Just to signify the infeniteness. As rightly pointed out by R S,Grace
of Arunachal is its Nature and it is infenite. In Lalitha Thrisathi appears the word KARUNAMRUTA SAGARA which is synonymous.---Inspiring to read the topic posted by RS


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Re: Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 3
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2009, 03:22:06 PM »
Dear arcsekar,

Yes. Karuna Sudhabdhe / Karunamruta Sagar are the usual
expressions in Sanskrit and Tamil and should be in other languages too.  Bhagavan Himself has used the expression in A.A.M.M,
Verse 41:  Suka Kadal.  The Ocean of Bliss.  Only grace of Guru, can
give Sukam, Bliss.  Or, one should attain Self realization to be
in bliss. Saint Tayumanavar says in his poem: Suka vari. Vari
in Tamil again means Ocean. Saint Manikkavachagar, says in
TirupaLLi Ezhucchi [in Tiruvachakam] Verse 2:

AruL Nidhi thara varum Ananda Malaiye!
Alai Kadale PaLLi EzhuntharuLaye!

O the Hill of Bliss, which confers the treasure of grace!
O the Ocean with waves,  please wake up!

Again he says in Verse 9:

Kannakhathe ninru KaLi tharu thene!
Kadal-amudhe karumbe....

The honey which stays in my eye and gives me bliss,
      [the Eye of the eye - as Bhagavan Ramana said]
The Nectar from the ocean, sugar-cane......

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam - 3
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2009, 06:12:04 PM »
Dear srkudai,

Yes.  The Ocean is amrutham, the panacea for conquering death.
It is ocean of grace.  It is ocean of nectar.  When poems say
necatarine ocean, perhaps one has to conclude that it is sweet.
Because we always associate with goodness with sweetness.
Nectar is the best and it should always be sweet.  Who has tasted
Nectar to speak about its taste?  Even Siva consumed only the
poison but he is deathless, but the devas who took the nectar
died in course of time!

Arunachala Siva.