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Guru Gita - 14
« on: July 18, 2009, 11:08:54 AM »
There are some verses extolling the guru-bhakti and surrender.
I am giving only English translations.

Verse 178:-  Having drunk to the full Brahmarasa and satisfied
in the Paramatman, the Sages of realization consider Indra
as a mere straw and then what to speak of ordinary kings of the

Verse 179:-  The seekers after libration should at all times develop
Guru bhakti, because by following the path shown by the Guru,
one attains the Supreme auspiciousness and the state of Kaivalya.

Verse 180:-  'I am one and one alone without a second'  --
whoever thus practises constant meditation as a result of the
advice of the Guru with a firm determination, need not take recourse
to the forest for hard penances.

Verse 189:-  O Devi!  this is the advice in the path of Guru-marga
which is capable of bestowing mukti.  Therefore, Guru bhakti
should be practised by all with great devotion and faith.

Verse 192:-  One may be engaged in Siva Puja or deeply immersed in vishnu Puja, but if he is without a knowledge of the Guru tattva,
all his learning is a mere waste.

Verse 193:-  If worship of Siva is done without knowing the real
nature of Guru, that worship is for the mere name's sake.  My
dear Parvati, it is like a lamp drawn on a paper [which will not
light the house].

Verse 194:-  By the glory and efficacy of Guru-diksha, all your
actions bear fruit.  By the attainment of a Guru, one attains
everything.  One without a Guru is a mere fool.

Verse 195:-  Since on does not understand the nature of Siva
and one's own Self by himself, one without a Guru can be said
to be a mere animal, worm or a firefly.

Verse 196:-  Therefore discarding all kinds of contacts with
people, by all possible means, giving up all comforts of the
scriptures, one should depend on the Guru only.

The Guru Gita thus shows what it means to surrender to a Higher Power. It puts in perspective Bhagavan Ramana's words: "Surrender appears easy because people imagine that, once they say with their lips 'I surrender'....., they can be free and do what they like.  But the fact is that you can have no likes and dislikes after you surrender and that your will should become completely non-existent."  [Devaraja Mudaliar, Day by Day, entry dated 2nd Jan 1946).

Arunachala Siva.