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The Creation stories
« on: July 18, 2009, 10:41:39 AM »
There are several stories about the creation of the universe,
in various texts of various religions.  Bhagavan Ramana says:
All creation is as you see.  Drishti-Srishti.  Where is creation,
sustenance and dissolution, when you are in deep sleep?
Why, then there are these stories in Vedas and other religious
texts?  These are primarily to give some interest to the readers
so that they will ultimately know that the Creator has to be
meditated upon.  The creator is the Causelss Primal Cause.

Nochur Venkatraman says one story.  There is a mother and a
child.  Mother wants to feed the child and she starts telling a
story.  There were three princes born to a mother who cannot
bear children!  They started for killing the demon.  They saw
the moonlight and took it as their garments!  They pulled the
air and drove on it towards the enemy!....  The child says Um..
Um... and then takes food gulp by gulp.  If the child starts asking
how can they wear the moon light or ride over thin air, the story
stops!  The mother continues.  They met with a mirage.  The stopped
their and took cool bath in the mirage water!  They found one
Akasa Pushpa tree [the flowers that grow in the Space!] and
plucked the flowers and wore them on their locks!  Then they
met the enemy and killed in the sunyam, the vaccuum and killed
him!   Then the child asked:  What happened to the princes
next.  The food is over and the mother says:  They have gone
to the Ummachi, a Tamil slang for Uma-Mahesvaran, Sakti-
The story is not important.  They are all bogus.  They are all
imaginations for the seekers to develop interest in the merger
with Godhead!   

Arunachala Siva.