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Guru Gita - 13
« on: July 17, 2009, 02:27:16 PM »
Verses 98 and 135 also describe the worship of Guru.

dorbhyam padbhyam-cha janubhyamurasa sirasa drisa
manasa vachasa chei pranamo'shtanga uchyate

                                                          -  Verse 98

One should prostrate to the Guru fully lying flat on the ground
with both hands, legs, knees, thighs, head, by sight, mind
and speech.  This kind of full prostration (where body, mind
and senses are involved)  is Sashtanga Pranama.

Prostrations by folding one's hands half-heartedly, without raising them above the head, are not prostrations.  These modern varieties
speak of egoism and these should not be definitely followed in
respect of Guru.  Saiva Siddhantam speaks of four types of
prostrations.  1) to mother, by holding the folded hands on the
belly, because it is from this mother gave birth to you.  2) to
others, by touching the Heart, implying that the Brahman stays
in the Heart for both you and me.  3) to elders and gods, by holding the folded hands on the forehead, implying that the elders and gods should guide him for a good intellect.  4) to Guru, by raising the
folded hands above skull implying that it is he who guides him to
higher levels of understanding.  Then the full fledged namskarams should be done.]         

drisya-vismriti-paryantam kuryad-gudu padarchanam
tadrisayaiva kaivalyam nacha-tadvyatirekinah.

                                                            -  Verse 135

One should worship the Feet of the Sadguru till the 'seen' disappears
-- absence of duality.  To those only there is liberation and not to
those who act in contradiction.

Guru padam, Feet become object of worship till one attains Self
realization, whereafter the devotee and Guru are the One Brahman, without second.  Till such time, duality must be maintained.  Bhagavan Ramana says in ULLadu Narpadu -Anubandham, that the advaitam should be practised everywhere with everyone, but not with Guru till one realizes the Self.  Guru must be worhsipped with Trikaranas, mind, body and speech.  This is the import of the verse.  The spirit of service and attitude of a servitor should be never forgotten.

{Maurice Frydman once asked Bhagavan Ramana:  "Swami, if everything is advaitam, why should there be a difference between you and me?  Why not I come and sit with you in the sofa.  Bhagavan Ramana replied:  Why not?  You come and sit beside me?  Then Maurice Frydman said with a smile:  Bhagavan!  If I sit with you, you may perhaps not mind it.  But the people here would lynch me and throw me out of this Asramam like a bag of waste vegetable!  Bhagavan Ramana then laughed and said:  "You have yourself now understood.  Reach that state, when you can sit with me!"  In fact, no one sat with Bhagavan Ramana in the sofa in His life time or thereafter, with the possible exception of Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni.  Bhagavan Himself pulled him from the floor and made him sit with Him once for a photograph!}

Arunachala Siva.