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Guru Gita - 11
« on: July 17, 2009, 01:23:35 PM »
Verses 144 and 145 of Guru Gita further speak of service and
conduct in the Guru's presence:

gacchatah prishtato gacchet gurucchayam nalanghayet
nolbanam dharayedvesham nalankarama-statolbanan.

                                                    -  Verse 144

While the Guru walks the disciple should follow him.  He
should never cross the Guru's shadow.  He should not imitate
the Guru's dress, ornaments, etc., No actions of the Guru should
be imitated by the disciple nor should he pose himself like the Guru.

[We have to remember again Rangaswami Iyengar.  We can also
remember Kunju Swami and Annamalai Swami.  Rangaswami Iyengar
who was normally wearing koupina, would wear a towel whenever
he came to Tiruvannamalai from Kumbakonam.  Kunju Swami and
Annamalai Swami never wore ochre robes because they had seen
Bhagavan Ramana wearing a spotlessly white koupina.  All the
attendants who served Bhagavan Ramana, right from Kunju Swami,
Ramakrishna Swami and later Perumal Swami, Madhava Swami, and
Vaikunta Vasan, always walked behind Him, with His water-bowl
on their hands.  You can see some of these photographs in Asramam dining hall, and in the 8 volume book: Arunachala's Ramana, The
Boundless Ocean of Grace.]

guru-nindakaram drishtva dhavayedatha vasayet
sthanam vatat-parityajyam jihvacchedakshamau yadi.

                                                -  Verse 145

This verse puts terrible qualifications.

Having come across somebody criticizing the Guru, if one is
incapable of severing that person's tongue, one should atleast
drive  him away from that place, or else extradite him.  If not,
one must quit that place.

[We have to remember Pazhani Swami here.  He was the man
Good Friday for Bhagavan Ramana.  Once some bogus sadhu came
to the Hill.  He said:  "I have been told by Sage Agasthya, to inititate
this boy and then I have to take him to Himalayas.  Keep this boy
well washed and then I shall soon come!"  The bogus sadhu then
went to downhills.  Pazhani Swami then quickly went to the town
and got a tin of oil.  He placed a huge vessel on the fire and started
heating the oil!  The bogus sadhu came back.  Pazhani Swami then
told that guy:  "Swami!  I have also been told by Sage Agasthya.
He told me to throw you in the boiling oil and clean you up first,
since you are dirty due to extensive pilgrimage!"  The bogus sadhu took to his heels!  We already know the story of Rangaswami Iyengar slapping a new visitor addressing Bhagavan Ramana:  Ramana!     
Jadaswami and other troublesome bogus sadhus were also 'extradited' by Pazhani Swami by proper actions against them.]

Arunachala Siva.