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Musings over Death - 11
« on: July 17, 2009, 12:53:54 PM »
Siruthondar was a great Siva devotee and so were his wife and his
son.  He served as a commander in Pallava's army, conquered Vatapi
for the king against the Chalukya King Pulikesi 2 and came back
victorious.  He then retired into a life of total devotion to Siva.  He
used to feed at least one Siva bhakta everyday and then only eat.
One day, it so happened, that he could not find any siva devotee.
It was already mid afternoon.  He told his wife and then went to the
Temple to find some devotee for feeding.  Meantime, a Bairava
Sannyasi came to their house.  His wife told the sannyasi that her
husband was away and told him that she would send her husband
to fetch him as soon as he came.  The Sannyasi then went to a stone
mantapam, [hall] nearby and was resting.  Siruthondar came and
on knowing the good news rushed to the stone hall, for fetching
the Bairava Sannyasi.  He went there and prostrated and sought his
visit to his house for food.  The Bairava Sannyasi said: I can eat,
but you cannot feed me proper food.  Siruthondar then requested
him to tell him what he would like to have.  The Bairava Sannyasi
said:  "I want the human flesh, and that too from a taintless boy
of less than 5 years old!   I eat only once in six months and I eat
only such food on that occasion!"  Siruthondar was not shocked.
He said: All right sir, I shall arrange even though I am a Saiva,
the vegetarian.

He returned to his house.  The Sannyasi said: I shall follow you soon!  What can Siruthondar do?  He asked his wife.  She said:  We shall
cut our son and feed the flesh for him!   The son also readily agreed!

The flesh was cooked .  The couple made their son to lie on the floor
and cut him as if they are cutting cabbage, without emotions!  The
cooked flesh, rice, dhal etc., were served.  The Sannyasi sat for food.  He then asked: [what a rascal, he should have been! - my wife remarked at this juncture]:  Where is the head portion?  I like the
brain better than other parts.  The couple sent for the hidden head portion through the servant maid.  It was quickly cooked and served!

The Sannyasi then asked:  You can also sit with me for eating!

Siruthondar said:  Sir, I am the aditi, the host.  I shall eat my food

The Sannyasi:  The, call your son!

Siruthondar:  Sir, he would be of no help to you, at this juncture.

The Sannyasi:  No. He will come. Call him.

Siruthondar:  Seerala!  Seerala!  Please come.

Seerala, the son, did not respond.

Siruthondar then further said:  Seerala!  Seerala!  The guest is
waiting.  He wants to dine with you.  Please come for HIS SAKE.

Then the boy came from the entrance of the house, as if coming
back from school!  The couple were speechless!
They went back to the dining hall to meet the visitor.  The visitor was not to be seen.  An astral voice was heard.  They looked up.  Siva, Uma and Skanda appeared before them and called: 

Come, come to our Abode!  Seerala!  Skanda is waiting for you!

This is only story in Periya Puranam, where Skanda appeared along with his parents.  Because, Seerala, the boy's act, his conquest of death is more important than the great sacrifice of the parents.

The Puranas say:  "With every death of my kin, I am dying in parts." 
Albert Camus also said the same thing.

The death of the only son is the death for the parents too.  But the couple and the son conquered death, because action in life was more important than death itself.             

VaLLalar Ramalinga Swamigal says that the sacrifice of Siruthondar family is the greatest in Periya Puranam.  He mentions about three
people,  Siruthondar, Tiru Neelakantar [Who remained as celibate,
till his old age, without touching his wife, because she had told him,
not to touch her], and Hunter Kannappar.  He says:  "I cannot
knife my son and feed you!  I cannot remain without touching my
wife, because she had sworn in the name of You not to touch her!
I cannot pluck my eye and place it for you in just six days!  How
can I get liberated, O Siva, the Cosmic Dancer of Thillai!"

VaLal mahavu arinthu ootta vallen allen,
Madhu uraitha sooLal iLaimai thurakka vallen allen,
NaL aru NaLil kan arinthu appa vallen allen,
Enge mukti enakku undu thillai natam adum Siva-Chidambarane!

Arunachala Siva.