Author Topic: Mind at the end of its tether - 2  (Read 1439 times)


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Mind at the end of its tether - 2
« on: July 17, 2009, 12:15:21 PM »
Emotions are there for all Brama Jnanis too.  But their emotions,
do not create any prarabdha for them.  It is like a burnt rope.
It has form but no use.   Bhagavan Ramana used to get angry
occasioally, it was not anger but indignation.  He showed this
anger to Annamalai Swami and other attendants and also to
Sarvadikari and some devotees.  But these were for some genuine reasons.  Like the boiling milk, it will subside in a minute, when we
pour some water. 

Sri Sankra says in Aparokshanubhuti:  "All my Pranayama is nothing
but controlling the movement of my mind and not the breath alone!"
Like sparks fly out from the fire, these emotions do come.  But they
subside back in the fire.  Once Mataji of Anandasramam got angry
with her biographer Sri Ramaswami.  "You fellow, you are writing
that I am always cool as cucumber.  This is utter lie.  Write about
my anger, my sloppiness, my sleep during some pravachana.  Be

Bhagavan Ramana has always been like that.  Sudden indignation.  Sudden withdrawal.  He transcended the "terrible", by living in "terrible" occasionally and loving that "terrible"!   After all, the
mind is the dance of Chitsakti.  It is the dance of Maya away from the Atma.  It can also be Atma's dance.  Ask that Chitsakti to go back to Atma when the mission is over.

Swami Ramadas occasionally got angry.  He then suddenly rushed to some Cave in Tiruvannamalai and stayed for a few minutes and then came out in all smiles.  He said:  Rama was playing tricks with me. I asked Rama to withdraw himself into my Heart.  Now I am cool."

Sankara sings in Siva Manasa Puja:  Atma tvam Girija mathi, sahachara pranam sariram gruham, pooja the vishayopabhoga rachana, nidra samadhi stithi, sanchara padhayo pradkshina vidhi,
stotrani sarva karo, yad yad karmam sahitam tapo aradhanam.....

O Siva, You are Atma, Girija the daughter of the mountain, Unnamulai, is my buddhi/mind.  This body where the pranan is coming and going is your Temple. All my worldly enjoyments are your puja, all my roaming around is my pradakshina to You.  All that I talk is my Stotra to You.  All my actions are aradhana, offering, to You.

Arunachala Siva.