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Guru Gita - 9
« on: July 16, 2009, 01:08:00 PM »
nagurorasrame kuryaddushpanam parisarpanam
diksha vyakhya prabhutvadi gurorajnam nakarayet.

                                                          - Verse 139

In the Guru's Ashram, one should avoid indulgence in waste
of time by drinking liquors or such acts prohibited for disciples.
One should never put on a lordly show before the Guru, or indulge
in tall talks, lectures, showing one's own greatness, or initiation
of disciples etc.,

[Bhagavan Ramana Himself did not 'initiate' any one.  So the
question of initiation never occurred.  The devotees were never
wearing sandal wear.  This practice is adopted even today.  One
can never see anyone wearing sandals, excepting for going to
the urinal.  I take my sandals on hand, drop it at a distance from
the Temple and use it for urinals.  In Bhagavan Ramana's days,
no one smoked cigarettes or cheroots inside the Asramam.  Some
devotees were taking betel leaves/nuts/tobacco or snuff, but
that was far away from the Hall.  No one took liquor or meat,
even Westerners, inside the Asramam.  All devotees including
Westerners were using dhotis or loose pyjamas.  This practice
continues even today.  The ladies wear saris only [today,
some wear chuddidar etc.,  There were no loose talks inside the Hall.
The devotees were discussing some newspaper details outside the
Hall, because it was the height of freedom movement and world war
nopasryam-cha paryankam na-cha-pada-prasaranam
nanga-bhogadikam kuryanna-lilamaparamapi

                                                                       - Verse 140

Sitting very close, using luxuries such as cushions, stretching of
the legs, shampooing, massaging the limbs and other luxuries
should never be indulged in the presence of the Guru.

[There are some interesting anecdotes about stretching of the
lega in the Hall.  Westrners had difficulty in sitting cross legged
or sitting upright without even the support of the wall.  Bhagavan
Ramana permitted them to sit keeping their back on the wall.  Major
Chadwick had a tight cloth tape, to fix it on the elbows so that he
could sit cross legged!  Someone asked Bhagavan:  "Is there punishment for Major Chadwick?  Why is it sitting in such an akward
and painful posture?"  Though he was asked to sit as convenient to him, he never agreed!  Some Western women used to stretch their
legs and sit with support of the wall.  Once when attendant chided one of them, Bhagavan Himself started sitting cross-legged.  On
seeing this, the attendant profusely apologized.  But Bhagavan
Ramana never paid heed to the advice and continued sitting cross-
legged for the whole day.]

Arunachala Siva.