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Guru Gita - 8
« on: July 16, 2009, 12:34:51 PM »
Some verses from Verse No. 137 speak about the conduct in
Guru's presence and service to him.

guru-karyam nalangheta naprishtva karyamacharet
na hyuttistheddise'natva guru-sadbhava-sobitah

                                                        -  Verse 137

One should never ignore duties towards the Guru.  One should
do nothing without consulting him.  One should not get up without
prostrating to the Guru.  These are the characteristics of one who
who is keenly devoted to the Guru [who shines in Guru-bhava].

[There are good examples about Bhagavan's attendants in the Hall
and other workers.  Annamalai Swami is the classic case.  Once
Bhagavan wanted him to go and stand near the construction contractor and watch his work.  Annamalai Swami went there and stood in the hot sun watching the contractor.  The contractor was
doing a good job.  After sometime, Annamalai Swami returned.  Bhagavan looked at him and told Annamalai Swami to go again and
stand and watch!  Annamalai Swami went, stood there for a few minutes and returned.  Bhagavan sent him again for the third time.
Annamalai Swami was a little confounded but still went.  Meantime, the contractor grew sulky that this fellow is 'watching' his work.
The contractor asked him:  Enna?  What?  Annamalai Swami came back and told Bhagavan:  Swami, he is doing good work.  If I watch
again and again, he is getting irritated.  Bhagavan said:  Oh. Still
you stand a little away and watch and then come back!  Annamalai
Swami did so, this time, fearing a body blow from the contractor.

Annamalai Swami used to prostrate before Bhagavan before his
return after the day's work.  He used to take Bhagavan's feet
and hold them on his head for a while.  Bhagavan never objected!

Kumbakonam Ramaswami Iyengar never even sat in the Hall.
He used to stand outside the Hall and listen the conversations.
He, who was wearing a koupina, used to wear only a towel and
not koupina, whenever he came to Tiruvannamalai.  On his day
of return, he used to prostrate before Bhagavan, standing at the
door of the Hall!  He never even tolerated anyone telling Ramana
for calling Bhagavan.  They should all address Him only as Bhagavan or Swami.  Once he slapped a visitor for calling Bhagavan, Ramana!]

Gurow sathi svayam devi paresham tu kadhachan
updesah na vai kuryata tatha chedrashaso bhavet.

                                                                - Verse 138

When the Guru is himself present, one should never give
instructions to others.  If he does so, he becomes a demon.

[One should again remember Annamalai Swami here.  There
was a proposal for building the cowshed.  Cow Lakshmi had
already arrived.  Annamalai Swami made foundations and fixed
stones on the four sides.   The Cow shed was planned on a big
scale.  Annamalai Swami had taken permission from Bhagavan Ramana.  So he had proceeded.  Sarvadikari came and saw the big plan.  He said:  "Why such a big cowshed?  Where is the money?  How many cows are going to be here?  Make it smaller."  Annamalai Swami did not reply anything.  He continued as per his plan.  Sarvadikari shouted at him.  He still kept quiet.  One evening, Sarvadikari threw the small money pouch and said, I have no money.  Still Annamalai
Swami kept quiet.  Till the end, he never said to Sarvadikari:  It is Bhagavan's orders!  Eventually the cowshed was completed in a big scale and Cow Lakshmi entered her house.  Today, in the Asramam, there are more than 60 cows!]

Arunachala Siva.