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Mind in Suri Nagamma's Letters - 1
« on: July 15, 2009, 10:50:27 AM »
Suri Nagamma who spent about 5 years with Bhagavan Ramana,
has written letters to her brother, during her stay, and these
have been now published as a single volume book [earlier it
was two volume] under the title Letters from Sri Ramanasramam.
These letters are also valuable inputs to understand Bhagavan
Ramana's teachings like Talks and Day by Day.  The letters cover
a period of about 5 years from November 1945 to Bhagavan's
Maha Nirvana in April 1950.

At about 3 O Clock in the afternoon two pilgrims came to visit
Bhagavan.  One of them asked:  "Swami, it is all right if we sit
up for meditation with closed eyes, buyt if we keep them open,
the outer senses give trouble.  What should we do?"

Bhagavan:  "What happens even if the eyes are kept open?  It
is enough if you make the mind sleep just as you are sleeping in
a house, keeping the windows open!"

Devotee:  "That means the mind should be kept away from worldly
affairs.  However much we try, we are not able thus to control the

Bhagavan:  "Yes. That is true.  That is why it is said that when a child tries to catch its own shadow by running after it and weeps when
unable to do so, the mother comes and prevents the child from running.  So also, the mind should be prevented from running away."

Devotee:  "By what metho9d can that be prevented?"

Bhagavan:  "The mind should be held by hearing and meditating,
on the sayings of the Vedanta and thereby prevent it from going

Devotee:  "That means, you must give up worldly pleasures and catch
hold of Atma-Ananda.  Is that so?"

Bhagavan:  "Ananda always exists.  It is only the worldly things
that have to be given up.  If they are given up, what remains is only
Ananda.  That which IS, is the Self.  Where is the question of catching that which IS?  That is its own nature, Swabhava."

Devotee:  "Is that nature also called Swarupa or the Self?"

Bhagavan:  "Yes.  There is no difference between the two."

Devotee:  "It is said that Ananda is the Self itself, then who is
it that experiences it?"

Bhagavan:  "That is the point.  So long as there is one who experiences, it shall have to be stated that Ananda is the Self itself.
When there is no one to experience, where is the question of a form
for Ananda?  It is only that which IS, remains.  That IS is Ananda."

(Source:  "Letters" - Entry dated 22nd January 1949) 

Arunachala Siva.