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Speaking of Siva (5)
« on: July 26, 2008, 01:15:46 PM »
Desi Ramaiah or Devara Dasimayya's poems focus on the same
point; but it is a different tea in a different kettle.

"Did the breath of the mistress have breasts and long hairs?
Or did the master's breath wear sacred thread?
Did the outcaste, last in line, hold with his outgoing breath,
 the stick of his tribe?
What do the fools of the world know of the snares you set,
O Ramanatha!"

" If they see breasts and long hair coming, they call it woman,
If beard and whiskers, they call it man,
But, look, the Self that hovers in between, is neither man nor woman,
O Ramanatha!"

"Can assemblies in session, give charities to men?
Everyone who goes to war goes only to die,
Only one in a hundred, may be one in a thousand,
Gets to spear the enemy.  O Ramanatha !
How can every tarmarind flower become fruit?"

"For your devotees, I shall be bullock;
For your devotees I shall be menial, slave and watchdog at the door;
Maker of all things, for men who raise their hands in your worship;
I shall be the fence of thorns on the back-yard, O Ramanatha!"

Arunachala Siva.