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Bullock Cart and Check Post
« on: July 09, 2009, 10:50:09 AM »
Whatever form of karma one does to attain Godhead, be it
bhakti, yoga, nishkamya karma and Jnana vichara, eventually
every such worhsip should come to the Source.  One cannot
escape coming back to the Source.  However, Jnana vichara
is the direct path.  But other paths are not condemnable but
they all come to the Jnana marga ultimately and merge in the

Bhagavan Ramana used to give the example of Bullock Cart
and Checkpost.  A cartman fills up his cart with lots of goods
taken from the market and goes to a village for sale.  The goods
in the cart during British days, attracted the tax or toll at
a particular place on the way.  There will be a small office with
taxmen who collect toll or tax from the cartman for the goods
purchased from the town market. 

Once a cartman was travelling in the night with such goods.
That day, he wanted to avoid payment of tax at the checkpost.
So he directed the bullocks into a deviated jungle path so that
he could avoid checkpost.  Within five minutes of deviation,
the cartman fell into sleep inside the cart.  The bullocks know
the way much better than the cartman.  The bullocks after
some time stopped at a place.  The cartman opened his eyes.
It was the checkpost!   The bullocks inspite of deviation, knows
that they should go to the check post and stop!  The bullocks
had done exactly the same!

Bhagavan Ramana used to say:  Sunka chavadi thappathu.....
You cannot escape the check post.  The Checkpost is the
Brahman.  Whatever ways you adopt, you have to come to
the Self or Brahman!

Arunachala Siva.