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Musings over Death - 7
« on: July 09, 2009, 10:21:36 AM »
As we all know King Alexander was a great warrior.  He ruled
over Macedonia and Mesepatomia and came upto the Khyber
Pass, through the present Pakistan and to the Indo-Gangetic
plains.  His Guru was one Dianoysus.  He was leading a simple
living and as per the practice of Aryans, he was doing Surya
Pooja everyday.  His prayer and meditation was only to look
at Surya and stand. 

One day, Alexander came to him and prostrated before him.
He asked his Guru:  "Master!  I have got three questions.
Kindly help me with answers."

The first question, he asked was:  How is that you
greater than me?  I have conquered half the world.  But
people call you as greater than me?  How come?

Dionoysus replied:  "The very fact that you, the emperor,
has come and prostrated before me will tell you that I am
greater than you.  But God is the greatest of all."

The king then asked:  "What can I do for you?"

The king was standing before Dianoysus and was thus
blocking the Sun from the guru's sight.  The Guru then
said in a cool tone:  "Please stay away from the Sun.  That
is what you can do for me and nothing else!"

The king became somewhat shy and then asked the third
question:  "Have you conquered the death?  I am asking this
question because I am already some what sick and I may
even die soon!"

The Guru said:  "I keep the death, as if it is a dead snake,
on my hands.  If you know how to keep death like a dead
snake on your hands, you would conquer death!"

Marana bhayam mikku uLa makkaL arnaga.....  Verse 2 of
Sad Darsanam.

Arunachala Siva.