Author Topic: Thoughts on Guru Poornima Day - 1  (Read 3853 times)


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Thoughts on Guru Poornima Day - 1
« on: July 07, 2009, 11:54:34 AM »
I have these anecdotes about Bhagavan Ramana, for this
Guru Poornima Day.

Once a Saiva devotee came to see Bhagavan Ramana in the
Asramam.  He went around the place, had food, looked into
the books and also Matrubhuteswara Temple, where there
was only a brief pooja.  He found no chanting, no bhajans,
no morning and evening arti, no distribution of prasad etc.,!

He was a little confused.  He asked Bhagavan Ramana in a
low tone, with all hesitation:  Bhagavan!  I have been here
for the whole day.  You are a great Guru, there was good food
for us to eat.  But, excepting for occasional conversations, there was only silence.  There were no formal pujas, bhajans,arti
etc., What is your Guru Parampara Sampradaya?"

Bhagavan Ramana kept quiet without answering and had a smile.  He then said:  I am not a guru.

Meantime, one of the devotees, intervened and told the visitor
"Sir, to be without any Sampradaya is our Sampradaya!"

Everyone was amused.

Arunachala Siva.