Author Topic: Darshan of the Frozen Fire - 9  (Read 1295 times)


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Darshan of the Frozen Fire - 9
« on: July 06, 2009, 01:14:26 PM »
One small visit to a house on the last day, that is, 3rd July 2009
has to be mentioned.  On that morning, one of the bookstall
employees told me that we have to visit one house, very close
and opposite to Asramam inside the street called Sivan Street.,
There the various articles used by Yogi Ram Surat Kumar have
been kept as a small museum in the house named Sudhama.
This is the house owned by a lady-devotee of Ram Surat Kumar.
The Yogi had stayed here for about 3 to 4 years without stirring
out!  The Yogi was given bath and food and cigarettes and he
stayed there and slept at nights too. 

We had been to that nice house.  There are hundreds of clothes,
dhotis, head gears , shirts towels, used by him, nicely washed and ironed and kept in a glass cupboard.  There is again one more glass cupboard, with his various coconut shells which he used for his bhiksha.  Then there is a small tower made out
of the Charminar Cigarette Packets [about 5000 nos!]  used by
him, with ash trays, matchboxes etc.,   There are kitchen utensils, a swing, a bed and some sofas.  There is also one   
amla tree planted by him and which has grown big and amla
fruits were given as prasad to visiting devotees.

There is a small book shelf with Bhagavatam and other such
books.   The museum is well maintained.

Yogi Ram Surat Kumar's mammoth Ashram was constructed
over his Samadhi by this same devotee.

I am told, that Ram Surat Kumar used to visit Sri Ramanasramam occasionally and take food, with invitation
by Mr. Ganesan.

Arunachala Siva.