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Atma Vicharam and Saranagati
« on: July 05, 2009, 01:56:11 PM »
We all know that Bhagavan Ramana's teachings mainly comprised of self enquiry, [Atma Vicharam] and surrender,
[Sarangati].  He was mentioning one or both of these to all
His devotees.  He also maintained that Saranagati in its
complete form means only Atma Vicharam, because in total
saranagati, there is no duality and everything is one, without
the differences of the I [the surrendering devotee] and You
the Brahman. 

Even for people who felt that total saranagati was impossible,
He told them to do bhakti asking the God only to give the capability to surrender totally.  When Suri Nagamma told Bhagavan that she could not practice self enquiry, He told her
to do purna saranagati.  When she came back after a few days
and told Him that even purna saranagati was difficult, He then
told her to do bhakti to her chosen god or guru to confer the
power to do purna saranagati.

This twofold aspect is really one and the same.  When Mother
Azhagamma came to meet Him in Virupakshi Cave, He did not
say in anything but gave a note to her, which said that -
'You go the way in which you are directed by the power' -
Seluthum Vazhiye Sel in Tamil.  This is leaving the way of
further proceeding in life to God, which is nothing but Saranagati in toto.

When Kavyakanata Ganapati came to Him, He said : Be what
you are, Irunthapadiye Iru, in Tamil.  This is staying as we
are, in the state of Brahman or the Self.  This is self enquiry.

Bhagavan Ramana has said in Arunachala Pancharatnam,
'Your are dancing as I-I in the Heart, hence You are the Heart.'
'The Heart is the Self, and it is a wonder that in You, the Red
Mountain, everything is sprouting, staying and eventually
withdrawing as You, the Effulgence.'  (Verse 2)
This is all about Self Enquiry.

In Aksharamanamalai, He says:  "I came to You considering
You as a good food, but I became the food for You to gulp
and give me everlasting Peace.  (Verse 28).  This is all
about total surrender.

Bhagavan Ramana used the word "ULLam", "ULLa PoruL"  -
existence, reality or that which exists and that which is real,
in Sad Darsanam.

Once a Vaishnavite came to Bhagavan Ramana asked:
"If I pray to Narayana, will I go to Vaikunta?"  Bhagavan
said to him with a smile, "Surely, why not?"  The Vaishnavite pursued:  "What shall I do there?  What shall Naryana do to me there?"  Bhagavan Ramana further laughed and said:  "Nothing, Narayana shall remain as He is, He will not talk or do anything to you."  The Vaishnavite further asked:  "Will not Narayana say something to me?"  Bhagavan Ramana again laughed and said:  "If you still persist on asking Him, Narayana will call you near and tell you, 'You be as you are, Summa Iru, Be still!" 

To be as we are, why should we go to Vaikunta or Kailasa, we can remain still here itself, as we are!

Arunachala Siva.