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Easwara Gita - 1
« on: July 05, 2009, 11:32:26 AM »
Numbers as per the Tamil verse book:

34.  This is the most secret of the secret substances.  But it
can be attained without any action.  This secret itself has no
action to perform.  All actions of this universe do take place
by Its mere power of the Presence.  I shall tell about this
if you listen to me with all devotion and with utter purity of

35. Its Swarupa, Form is called Knowledge.  He is the Witness
but he does not witness anything.  He is non dual, taintless,
full of peace, subtlest of all subtle things, he is very near to
everything in this universe, and he is beyond Maya.

36. He is also called the Purusha, the male principle, he is
also called Atma or Prana or Easwara, he is unaffected by
the concept of Time and Mind, he is Avyakta, non-revealing,
he is the ultimate of all Vedas, he is eternal with out beginning
and end.

37.  Everything in this universe issues forth from Him.  They
merge in Him.  He is beyond Maya, the female principle which
causes the birth, growth and death.  He is all beauty and rests in all beautiful things, but is beyond the concept of beauty and ugliness.  He is without a specific residence, but resides in all
living beings, as the activating principle.

Arunachala Siva.