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Darshan of the Frozen Fire - 7
« on: July 04, 2009, 05:15:20 PM »
I have forgot three important happenings in Tiruvannamalai,
during the recent visit. 

1. I met one young bearded gentleman, hardly in his early
30s.  We were both walking on the pathway along the Mother's
Shrine and Bhagavan's Samadhi Shrine.  Then we sat down on
the parapet wall.  I introduced myself to him and then he said
that he is Mr. Balamurugan, a Keralite from Bangalore.  He is
working in Federal Bank, in Bangalore.  He said that in 2006,
he got one of Bhagavan's books and a simple reading began
to haunt him about  the great guru.  From then on, he is visiting
Sri Ramanasramam, once in a month regularly.  He comes by night bus and reaches the Asramam by 3 am and after spending
two days of week end holidays, sometimes adding a day's leave
returns to Bangalore by midnight bus and reaches around 2 am and rush for duty!  He says that he does not want anything in life excepting a monthly darshan and reading books on Bhagavan Ramana! 

2. We met Mr. Raju of the bookstall, bag-giver.  He is a puny
short gentleman, perhaps in his 60s, a Telugu by birth and lives in Monkey Gardens Guesthouse.  His job is to give suitable size cloth bags for purchasers of books.  He met us at the entrance of Monkey Garden on our return from the Asramam after noon meal.  He was negotiating with a cart seller of guava fruits.
He suddenly saw us, brought two fruits and told my wife,
after giving them to her. My wife was surprised and said:
"No, sir, we are also going to buy."   He then said to my wife
"This is from Appa, Appa, I, Appa."  This is from father, father,
I am father.  During the stay at the guesthouse, my wife took a large apple that we had, and gave it to her when we returned to the Asramam, and said:  "This is from Koothlu...This is from Koothlu... I am koothlu....."  She said:  This is from daughter, daughter, I am your daughter.  My wife knows a little Telugu.  This gentleman, Mr. Raju became exceedingly happy and was looking at my wife with love of a doting father.  My wife was telling me, In the Asramam, everyone is brimming with milk of human kindness.  You cannot see a sulking server in the dining hall, or a uninterested co-visitor, or a disgruntled ashramite at anytime.

3.  Nochur Venkataraman said in one of his anecdotes:  "The very fact that we are all coming to Asramam as frequently as possible, is only to show our ever-living faith in Bhagavan. We are not giving any thanks to Him at all, by coming here."   He then quoted from Kaivalya Navaneetham two verses in Tamil.  The enlightened disciple says to the Guru:  "O my Guru, what recompense I can pay to your upadesa and grace.  How many births you have been coming to me for my welfare and improvement?  How can I pay back?  How can I pay back?"  The Guru then draws the disciple near, hugs him and says with overflowing love:  "O disciple, if you stay in Atma Nishta for ever, without the three* obstacles at any time, then that is the recompense you can pay to me.  What else do I need?  What else do I need?"             

[* Occasional thought of drisya, which pulls one down.  This
should be removed by Sravana immediately;  2)Sudden doubts about Guru's upadesa, this is called Sandeha and this should be
removed immediately by mananam. 3) Occasional thoughts
that the body is permanent and the world is permanent.  This
is called Vipareetam and this should be removed instantaneously by Swanubhuti meditation.]

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Darshan of the Frozen Fire - 7
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2009, 09:12:57 PM »
thank you dear subramanian

a wonderfull I will pray even more that I may visit arunachala once in my life and I hope that you will rpay for me too....

you see even my first dzogchen teacher said I have to see this mountain... :D

that was the indication for me that iam in good hands also in this maha-ati buddhism, and it was also the indication that bhagawan never leaves me no matter wich ways I will go...his grace is truely boundless..

you see today I started to read about milarepa the great yogi from tibet...and I started to cry strongly, just on the first two sites ( I cried and cried), because it seemed to talk about my life not just about him...I cried and cired...and then on the third side was a sentence telling that the power of this yogi is so great that hearing about him or simply reading his name will make youre hair stand straight and tears will come naturally, and that this is the seed of enlightment that is sown in the heart....

the grace is always one I deeply feel this, and Iam immensly happy that bhagawan has manifested in htis world to be my guide and well of feels very very good :)


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Re: Darshan of the Frozen Fire - 7
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2009, 11:02:47 AM »
Dear matthias,

Thank you.  Bhagavan Ramana calls one when He wills.
Do not worry.  We have to only continue to repose our faith
in Him.  You are going to visit Him definitely, if not today but
some day.  Please keep praying and hoping and He will call
you at right time.  Bhagavan Ramana had one disciple, who
was visiting Him regularly.  He never used to ask any questions
to Him.  Sometimes, he will listen to the conversations inside
the Hall.  But one thing he was doing constantly during his
days of stay in the Asramam, was to CONSTANTLY WEEP, WEEP
Ramana used to call him, Azhuguni Siddhar in Tamil, the Weeping Siddha!   In fact, there was one yogi in the ancient
Tamil Nadu, who used to sit before a Siva Linga and weep always!   He has also composed some verses on Jnana Vichara.
This weeping is not a small thing.  It is a great qualification to
become a true disciple.  One can laugh aritificially but one can
never weep artificially.  All weeping is a true feeling.

Thanks once again.

Arunachala Siva.