Author Topic: Darshan of the Frozen Fire - 4  (Read 1641 times)


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Darshan of the Frozen Fire - 4
« on: July 04, 2009, 12:36:33 PM »
On the evening of Thursday, we again listened to book reading.
Vivekachoodamani, Tamil was continued.  Nochur Venkataraman
and his family joined the group for Tamil Parayanam.  He also
joined for dinner at 7 pm. 

My wife was talking to Mrs. Nochur Venkataraman.  She is
a very amiable lady and the child boy was the darling of the
crowd.  He was running here and there to the happiness of
one and all.  His name is Sadasiva.  When my wife asked
him what is his name, he answered in Tamil, Yaro, Yaro.
Who? Oh!, Who? Oh!  Self enquiry at the age of two!!

In the evening, it rained a little bit.  But the heat was unabating.

During evening parayana, I met Mr. Venkatesan, an Ashramite,
who is doing all and sundry work including serving food.  He is
a young lad in late 20s.  He sat near me before the start of parayana.  He had a bandage on his toe.  I asked him what was
the problem.  He said that he had a minor accident.  He then
continued:  "Sir, why should I care of this?  When the whole
body is His, why should I worry about this body?  He is the
malai-marunthu, the medicine of Hill.  (Aksharamana Malai).
Malai-marunthu also means the Big Medicine.  He is the medicine
for all bodily ailments.  I have put a bandage like anyone.  The
cure is His."  I asked him, whether he had read other Bhagavan's works like Upadesa Saram and Sad Darsanam.  He
smiled and said:  "Why should I need all that?  I have read
Arunachala Aksahramana Malai and I have read hundreds of times that song.  Each time, I GET NEW MEANINGS!  I UNDERSTAND IT AFRESH. This song has made me understand Total Saranagati.   And that is sufficient for me!  I am doing only Total Saranagati."  He smiled at me once again and the smile
seemed to tell me, "O Fool, what do you know?  You have neither understood Saranagati nor Vichara!"  I bow to Sri
Venkatesan!  He, as a parting statement told me:  "You are
Subrahmanyan and I am Venkatesan.  We are both Bhagavan!   

There were some posts in this Forum.  Some one asked  "What
is the use of talking and writing posts to another?  How does such exchange of thoughts help us to achieve the goal?"  Someone asked:  "What is the use of disciple-disciple relationship?  How does it help each other, unless one is self-
realized?"   These questions, at least, I feel, have been answered to me by Venktesan.  He is a small spark that burnt
the whole haystack of 'knowledge' of the other man!     

Bhagavan Ramana told Kunju Swami when he met Him first on
the Hill.  Bhagavan was heating up a rice gruel on a tin bowl.
There were three squirrels waiting for the feed.  Bhagavan
was blowing the hot porridge so that it might cool.  Meantime
all the three squirrels rushed to the tin bowl.  Bhagavan told
Kunju Swami:  'Catch all the three!'  Kunju Swami caught them.
Then, Bhagavan, after the gruel had become less hot, told
Kunju Swami,  "Leave one by one."  He left them.  One by one,
they all came and took the gruel.  After food, the squirrels had
taken the gruel, they urinated.  Bhagavan Ramana said:  "Thudai... Clean it up!"  Kunju Swami cleaned up the urine dirt.

We catch all sorts of things.  Self enquiry, surrender, bhakti,
Nama sankirtan, Japa, Raja Yoga, nishkamya karma.... all crap.  Yes. Catch them all.  Leave one by one.  Leave them one by one, [ultimately in the highest sense, all these are only one.].  Then Thudai, clean up your dirt, the dustbin of theories, all crap.....

We had dinner at 7 pm.  Nochur family joined us all in the dinner.  We returned to the guest house.  The next day,
the fourth day, was the Cow Lakshmi Day, 3rd July 2009.
Aani [Jeshta, in Tamil Calendar], Suklapaksha Dwadasi.
The day became eventful in more than one sense.

Arunachala Siva.