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Speaking of Siva (2)
« on: July 26, 2008, 12:12:51 PM »
Before proceeding further on Speaking of Siva, I shall clarify one or
two matters.  The select 'vachanas' of the four saints have been
translated by A.K. Ramanujan, who was professor of comparative
philosophy and religiion in University of Chicago, in his book Speaking
of Siva.  AKR was a bilingual knowing both Tamil and Kannada, and he
has written a few books on Alwars (Tamil Vaishnava saints) and on
Tamil classics like Kurunthokai.  Second, the four saints mentioned Siva
of four different centres, Basavanna- Kudala Sanagama Deva, the lord
of the meeting rivers, in Kudligi, Karnataka; Akka Mahadevi - Siva of
Sri Sailam, now in Andhra Pradesh.  This Siva is under a jasmine creeper,
and he is called lord of the jasmine flowers - Mallikarjuna Swami;
Allamma Prabhu merely called him as Lord of the Caves, it may mean
any Siva in the cave, and Desi Ramaiah or Devara Dasimayya, the fourth
addressed Ramanatha, Lord of Rama, Siva in Ramanathapuram in
Southern tip of Tamil Nadu, where Rama is said to have prayed to Siva,
to complete the task of making a bridge and crossing over to Sri Lanka,
to vanquish Ravana and bring back Sita.  This is the famous bridge, about
which there is a raging controversy in India, whether the bridge is a
natural formation or was it built by Rama?  India wants to construct a
bridge on the straits to northern trip of Sri Lanka, for effecting sea-trade, by disturbing the existing remains of Rama's bridge.

Arunachala Sova