Author Topic: Darshan of the Frozen Fire - 1 (30th June-3rd July 2009)  (Read 1267 times)


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Darshan of the Frozen Fire - 1 (30th June-3rd July 2009)
« on: July 04, 2009, 11:02:45 AM »
This time too, the trip was sudden.  On 30th early morning,
I and my wife left for T.malai and reached the Asramam around
9.30 am.  Dr. Srinivasamurthy was kind enough to allot us
a room, this time, in Korangu Thottam, Monkey Gardens, a
campus to the west of the Asramam.  The conveniences were
equally good.  We went to the Ramaneswara Mahalingam Temple's morning puja and had the abhishekam and
Arti seva.  We had lunch there.  On that day, I had arranged for bhiksha, since it was my mother's memorial day.  The bhiksha [lunch] went off well, with Payasam and other dishes.  In the mid afternoon, we had stayed in  the Asramam premises itself and visited the book shop etc., The book shop had copies of The Path of Sri Ramana, by  Sadhu Om Swamigal in English.  This, I bought, since I had no English edition.  I had Sri Ramana Vazhi in Tamil.  The bookshop employee Sri Venkatesh had got married on 30th May 2009 and so I had presented him with gifts. His marriage invitation to me [sent to Bangalore] had a nice large photograph of Bhagavan Ramana almost filling half the invitation!  It is a wonderful invitation and has to be preserved by any receipient.  I also bought The Ocean of Mercy, in the Form of Hill, a nice enlarged edition in Tamil,  Giri Uruahiya
Krupa kadal, of the history of Tiruvannamalai from stone age to now. 

We returned to the guest house around 3.30 pm.  With failing south west monsoon, Tiruvannamalai was simmering hot with mercury touching 39 deg. celsius.  After a brief rest and wash, we went again for the evening book reading in Tamil and English between 4 and 5 pm.  The Tamil reading was from the wonderful Tamil prose translation of Vivekachoodamani of Bhagavan.    The English reading was from the sixth volume of the 8 volume book titled Arunachala's Ramana, the Boundless Ocean of Grace.  Then we had the evening Arti followed by Tamil Parayana by a group of people.  We had dinner at 7 30 pm and returned to the guest house.  The nights were no better, the heat continued.  But we had slept due to tired day's activities.

Arunachala Siva.