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Mind in Day by Day - 15
« on: June 29, 2009, 03:29:24 PM »
On 22nd July 1946, one Mr. Vaidyanathan, the RDO brought
in his adviser one Mr. Ramamurti and the latter's brother also
had come.

Mr. Ramamurti's brother at that time, asked Bhagavan:

"I find it difficult to believe in a personal God.  In fact,
I find it impossible.  But I can believe in an impersonal God,
a Divine Force which rules and guides the world, and it
would be a great help to me, even in my work of healing
[the questioner was doing naturopathy healing], if this
faith, were increased.  May I know how to increase this faith?"

After a slight pause, Bhagavan Ramana replied:

"Faith is in things unknown but the Self is self-evident.
Even the greatest egoist cannot deny his own existence,
that is to say, cannot deny the Self.  You can call the ultimate
Reality by whatever name you like and say that you have faith
in it or love for it, but who is there who will not have faith
in his own existence or love for himself?  This is because
faith and love are our real nature..

A little later, Ramamurti asked:  "That which rises as
'I' within us is the Self, is it not?"

Bhagavan:  No, it is the ego that rises as 'I'.  That from
which it arises is the Self.

Ramamurti:  They speak of a lower and a higher Atman.

Bhagavan:  There is no such thing as lower or higher in
Atman.  Lower and higher apply to the forms, not to the
Self or Atman.

Arunachala Siva.