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Mind in Day by Day - 14
« on: June 29, 2009, 03:16:31 PM »
On 21st July 1946, in the afternoon, two questions were put
by Mr. Bhargava, an elderly visitor from Jhansi, U.P.

1. How am I to search for the 'I' from start to finish?

2. When I meditate I reach a stage where there is a vacuum
or void.  How should I proceed from there? 

Bhagavan Ramana:

Never mind whether there are visions or sounds or anything
else or whether thrre is a void.  Are you present during all
this or are you not?  You must have been there even during
the void to be able to say that you experienced the void.
To be fixed in that 'you' is the quest for the 'I' from start
to finish.    In all books of Vedanta, you will find this question
of a void or of nothing being left, raised by the disciple and
answered by the Guru.  It is the mind that sees the objects
and has experienced and that finds a void when it ceases to
see and experience, but that is not 'you'.  You are the constant
illumination that lights up both the experiences and the void.
It is like the theatre light which enables you to see the theatre, actors and play while the play is going on, but also remains
alight and enables you to say that there is no play on and when it is finished.

Bhagavan Ramana in this context, quoted the verses 212 and
213 of Vivekachoodamani, in which the disciple says:  "After
I eliminate the five sheaths as not-Self, I find that nothing
at all remains."  The Guru replied that the Self or That by
which all modifications [including the ego and its creatures]
and their absence [that is the void] are perceived is always

Arunachala Siva.