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Mind in Day by Day - 13
« on: June 29, 2009, 03:04:36 PM »
On 19th July 1946, a visitor put questions:

I do not understand how to make enquiry, 'Who am I?'

Bhagavan:  Find out whence the the 'I' arises.  Self
enquiry does not mean arguments or reasoning such
as goes on when you say, "I am not this body, I am
not the senses" etc.;   all that may also help but it is
not the enquriy.  Watch and find out where in the body
'I' arises and fix your mind on that.

Visitor:  Will Gayatri help?

Bhagavan:  What is Gayatri?  It really means:  Let me
concentrate on that which illumines all.  Dhyana really
means only concentrating or fixing the mind on the object
of Dhyana.  But meditation is our real nature.  If we give
up other thoughts what remains is 'I' and its nature is dhyana
or meditation or jnana, whichever we choose to call it.  What
is at one time the means becomes the end; unless meditation
or dhayana were the nature of the Self it could not take you
to the Self.  If the means were not of the nature of the goal,
it could not bring you to the goal.

Arunachala Siva.