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Mind in Day by Day - 12
« on: June 29, 2009, 02:54:09 PM »
In July 1946, when Mr. K.M. Jivrajani who was listening
to some of these conversations, said to Bhagavan Ramana:

K.M.J. That is to say that I must be a Witness?

Bhagavan:  Talking of the Witness should not lead to the
idea that there is a witness and something else apart from
him that he is witnessing.  The Witness really means the
Light that illumines the Seer, the seen and the process of
seeing.  Before, during and after the triads of seer, seen
and seeing, the illumination exists.  It alone exists always.

K.M.J:  Is is said in books that one should cultivate all the
good or daivic qualities in order to prepare oneself for

Bhagavan:  All good or daivic qualties are included in Jnana
and all asuric qualities are included on Ajnana.  When Jnana
comes all Ajnana goes and all daivic qualities come automatically.  If a man is a Jnani he cannot utter a lie or
do anything wrong.  It is, no doubt, said in some books, that
one should cultivate one quality after another and thus prepare for ulitmate moksha, but for those who follow the Jnana or
Vichara Marga, their Sadhana itself is quite enough for all
daivic qualities and they need not do anything else.

Arunachala Siva.