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Speaking of Siva
« on: July 25, 2008, 04:30:34 PM »
In Karnatka, in South India, during 10th and 12th century AD,
a movement called Veera Saiva Movement (Veera Saiva means
militant Saivism), took birth, as a rebellion against orthodox
Brahminism.  Its founder Basavanna, was himself a Brahmin
and was working as a treasurer for Mysore King.  He started
the movement and had a community centrel, in a place called
Kudligi, where there is a famous Siva temple.  This Siva is called
Kudala Sangama Deva, meaning that he is the Lord of the meeting
rivers, since at that place two rivers, Kaveri and Tungabhadra have
a confluence.  There are 4 famous saints of Veera Saiva movement,
viz., Basavanna, Mahadevi Akka, Desi Ramaiah and Allamma Prabhu.
(Allamma Prabhu has been mentioned by Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi,
and he is the author of Prabhu Linga Leela, a separate book, vide
Talks and Day By Day).  These four saints sang 'vachanas' (free verses)
in praise of Siva. Basavanna's revolt gave rise to a sect called
Lingayats (meaning those who wear Siva, these people wear a linga
on their bodies with a thread as Brahmins wear the sacred thread and
do puja to that Siva linga.  Both men and women adorn themselves with
vibhuti, the sacred ash on their foreheads).

Mahadevi Akka's verses are simply shockingly brilliant. She says:

I have Maya for mother-in-law
The world for father-in-law
Three brothers-in-law tigers
and the husband's thoughts
are full of the laughing women
no god this man!
And I cannot cross the sister-in-law
But I will give this wench a slip
and go cucklod my husband with Siva, my lord,
My mind is my maid,
by her kindlness I join my lord,
my utterly beautiful lord,
from the mountain peaks
my lord white as jasmine
and I will make him my good husband.

I shall write a few more posts on these poems.

Arunachala Siva.