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Mind in Day by Day - 6
« on: June 27, 2009, 01:12:30 PM »
Devaraja Mudaliar writes in his entry dated 27th June 1946:

T.V. Krishnaswamy Iyer told Bhagavan:  Recently a man
of the Thengalai [literally south-subsect in Sri Vaishnavism]
school who is well versed in the esoteric meanings of Sri
Vaishnavite literature initated me and gave me Samasanam
and Samasrayam and taught me their esoteric meaning.
[samasanam is having the marks of conchshell and chakra
on their shoulders, both men and women do this and
Samasrayam means that they are entitled to do cooking
for home and gods and also do pujas to the stones symbolic
of Vishnu].  He gives discourses and does good work among
the poor.  But he would not admit Vadakalais [literally northern
sub-sect in Sri Vaishnavism] to his discourses.  According
to the Vaishnavite teaching, one must do physical service
to God, kainkaryam.

Bhagavan replied rather sarcastically:  "So God cannot get
on without their services?  On the contrary, God asks: Who
are you to do service to Me?  He is always saying:  I am
within you.  Who are you?  One must realize that and not
speak of service.  Submission or surrender is the basic
teaching of Sri Vaishnavism.  But it does not consist in
paying a Guru a fee for initiation and telling him that you
are have surrendered.  As often one tries to surrender, the
ego rises its head and one has to try to suppress it. Surrender
is not an easy thing.  Killing the ego is not an easy thing. It is
only when God Himself by His Grace draws the mind inwards
that complete surrender can be achieved.  But such grace
comes only to those who have already, in this or previous lives
gone through the struggle and sadhanas preparatory to the
extinction of the mind and killing of the ego.

Arunachala Siva.