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Mind in Day by Day - 4
« on: June 26, 2009, 01:16:20 PM »
On 11.1.1946, a young man from Colombo, asked Bhagavan
Ramana about J. Krishanmurti teaching the method of effortless
meditation and choiceless awareness, as distinct from
deliberate meditation.

Bhagavan replied:

Choiceless and effortless awareness is our real nature. If
we can attain it or be in that state, it is allright.  But one
cannot reach it without effort, the effort of deliberate
meditation.  All the age-long vasanas carry the mind outward
and turn it on external objects.  All such thoughts have to be
given up and the mind turned inwards.  For that, effort is
is necessary for most people.  Of course, everybody and
every book says:  Summa Iru.  Be still. But it is not easy.
That is why, all this effort is necessary.  Even if we find one
who has at once achieved the mauna or Supreme state indicated
by Summa Iru, you may take it that the effort has already
been finished, in a previous life.  Effortless and choiceless
awareness is reached only after deliberate meditation.
That meditation can take any form which appeals to you
best.  See what helps you to keep away all the other thoughts
and adopt that method for your meditation.

In this connection, Bhagavan Ramana quoted verses 5 and
52 from UDAL POYYURAVU and verse 36 from PAYA PULI
of Saint Tayumanavar.  The gist is as follows:

Bliss will follow if you are still.  But however much you may
tell your mind about this Truth, the mind will not keep quiet.
It is the mind that won't keep quiet.  It is the mind, which
tells the mind, "Be quiet and you will attain bliss."

Despite all the sayings of scriptures and Gurus, we never
are quiet, but stray into the world of maya and sense objects.
That is why conscious, deliberate effort or meditation is
required to attain that Mouna state, the state of being quiet.

Bhagavan continued:  There is only one state, that of
Consciousness or awareness or existence. The states
of waking, dream and sleep cannot be real.  They simply
come and go.  The real will always exist.  Bhagavan quoted
from Parapara Kanni of Tayumanavar and said and this
so-called fourth state is described as waking sleep in waking
-- meaning sleep to the world and awake in the Self.

Another visited asked Bhagavan:  'What is the difference
between the mind and the Self?

Bhagavan:  There is no difference.  The mind turned inward
is the Self, turned outwards, it becomes the ego and all the
world.  But the mind does not exist apart from the Self.

Arunachala Siva.