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Mind in Day by Day - 3
« on: June 26, 2009, 12:49:47 PM »
On 5.1.1946, a visitor who said that he was from Sri
Aurobindo Ashram, asked Bhagavan Ramana: "But we
see pain in the world. A man is hungry.  It is a physical
reality. It is very real to him.  Are we to call it a dream
and remain unmoved by his pain?"

Bhagavan:  From the point of view of Jnana or the Reality,
the pain you speak of is certainly a dream, as is the world
of which the pain is an infinitesimal part.  In the dream also
you yourself feel hunger.  You see others suffering hunger.
You feel yourself, and, moved by pity, feed the others, that
you find suffering from hunger.  So long as the deam lasted,
all these pains were quite real as you now think the pain you
see in the world to be.  It was only when you woke up that
you discovered that pain in the dream was unreal.  You might
have eaten to the full and gone to sleep.  You dream that
you work hard and long in the hot sun all day, are tired and
hungry and want to eat a lot.  Then you get up and find your
stomach is full and you have not stirred out of bed.  But
all this is not to say that while you are in the dream you
can act as if the pain you feel there is not real.  The hunger
in the dream has to be assuaged by the food in the dream.
The fellow beings you found in the dream so hungry had
to be provided with food in that dream.  You can never mix
up the two states, the dream and the waking state.  Till
OF MAYA, you must do social service by relieving the suffering
whenever you see it.

But even then you must do it, as we are told, without
ahamkara i.e without the sense - I am the doer, but feeling -
I am the Lord's tool.  Similarly one must not be conceited,
'I am helping a man below me.  He needs help. I am in a
position to help.  I am superior and he is inferior.'
But you must help the man as a means of worshipping God
in that man.  All such service is too for the Self, not for
anybody else.  You are not helping anybody but only yourself.
[See also Who am I?].

Arunachala Siva.