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Maharshi's Gospel and Talks - 30
« on: June 24, 2009, 12:04:07 PM »
in Talk No. 398 there were some discussions on yoga and jnana.

Bhagavan said:   In fact the body is in the mind which has
the brain for its seat, which again functions by light borrowed
from another source as admitted by the yogis themselves in
their fontanelle theory.  The Jnani further aruges:  If the light
is borrowed it must come from its native source.  Go to the
soucr direct and do not depend on borrowed resources.  Just
as an iron ball comes into being separate from the mass of iron,
gets fiery, in fire, later cools down giving up the fire but must again be made fiery, to reunite with the original mass, so also the cause of separation must also from the factor of reunion.

Devotee:  Is concentration of mind one of the sadhanas?

Bhagavan:  Concentration is not thinking one thing.  It is,
on the other hand, putting off all other thoughts which obstruct to lifiting the veil of ignorance.  Now it appears difficult to quell the thoughts.  In the regenerate state it will be found more
difficult to call in thoughts.  For are there things to think of?
There is only the Self.  Thoughts can function only if there
are objects.  But there are no objects.  How can thoughts arise at all?  Only the habit makes us to believe that it is difficult
to cease thinking.  If the error is found out, one would not be fool enough to exert itself unnecessarily by way of thinking.

Devotee:  Is not grace more effective than abhyasa?

Bhagavan:  Guru simpl;y hleps ou in the eradication of ignorance.  Does he hand over Realization to you?

Devotee:  What is Self-Surrender?

Bhagavan:  It is the same as self control, control is effected
by removal of samskaras which imply the functioning of the
ego.  The ego submits only when it recognizes the Higher Power.  Such recognition is surrender or submission.

Devotee:  How can be rebellious mind be brought under

Bhagavan:   Either seek its source so that it may disappear or surrender that it may be struck down.

Devotee:  But the mind slips away from our control.

Bhagavan:  Be it so.  Do not think of it.  When you recollect
yourself bring it back and turn it inward.  That is enough.  No one succeeds without effort.  Mind control is not one's birthright.  The successful few owe their success to their peseverence.

Bhagavan continued:  If the individual is sought, he is nowhere to be found.  Such is the Guru.  Such is Dakshinamurti.  What did he do?  He remained silent and maintained silence when the disciples came to him and their doubts were dispelled.
Tayumanavar sings:  "Oh, Lord!  Coming with me all alone the births, never abandoning me and finally rescuing me!"  Such is the experience of realization.

Arunachala Siva.