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Exaggerations in Poetry
« on: June 24, 2009, 11:44:38 AM »
In poetic works [which are telling stories or which are
describing women, nature, rivers etc., and not the philosphic
types like Viveka Choodamani], one finds that the poets have
made their imaginations to run riot.  Last evening I heard
one such example from Sri Sankara TV, where the discourser
was referrring to NaLa Venba, the story of Nala, the great
king and philonthrophist.  He is the husband of Damayanti.

Damayanti is a lady of extraordinary beauty with tender waist
and large breasts.  She is already finding that her slim waist
is not able to carry the load of the breasts!  One day, she went
to the garden and plucked one Aniccham flower.  This flower
is having wonderful fragrance and is itself fragile.  When a
person smells it, the flower will wither away.  Damayanti took
one such aniccham flower and fixed it on her hairs. She took
it with its stem (!) and wore it.  The stem and the flower was
very heavy that she fell down with broken ribs due to its weight!

The discourser says that such exaggerations are natural for
poets.  Saint Arunagiri Natha is known for such exaggerated

Arunachala Siva.