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Maharshi's Gospel and Talks - 27
« on: June 23, 2009, 02:15:54 PM »
Talk No. 392 describes the conversation between Swami
Lokesananda, a sannyasi, [not from Sri Ramakrishna Math].

L:  They say that Kundalini must be roused before Realization
and that its awakening makes the body feet hot.  Is that so?

Bhagavan:  The yogis call it Kundalini Sakti.  It is the same
as vrittis of the form of God [Bhagavatakara Vritti] of the
bhaktas and vritti of Brahman [Brahmakara Vritti] of the
Jnanis. It must be preliminary to Realization.  The sensation
produced may be said to be hot.

L:  Kundalini is said to be of the shape of a serpent but
vrittis cannot be so.

Bhagavan:  The Kundalini of Jnana Marga is said to be the
Heart, which is also described in various ways as a network
of Nadis, of the shape of a serpent, of a lotus bud etc.,

L:  Is this Heart the same as the physiological heart?

Bhagavan:  No.  Sri Ramana Gita defines it as the origin of
the 'I-thought'.

L:  But I read it as on the right of the chest.

Bhagavan:  It is all meant to help the bhavana [imagery].
There are books dealing with six centres [shadchakra] and
many other lakshyas [centres], internal and external.  The
description of the Heart is one among so many lakshyas.
But it is not necessary.  It is only the source of the 'I-thought'.
That is the ultimate truth.  [This is described in Sad Darsanam].

L:  May we take it to be source of anthakaranas?

Bhagavan:  The inner organs [anthakaranas] are classified
as five.... Heart is the source of the anthakaranas.

L:  But the mind is said to have these three qualities also.

Bhagavan:  Yes.  There is purity [Sattva] in Sattva [in the
pure quality], activity in it [rajas in sattva] and dullness also
[tamas in sattva].  The quality Sattva implies only its
predominance over the other two qualities.

Arunachala Siva.