Author Topic: Maharshi's Gospel and Talks - 26  (Read 1378 times)


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Maharshi's Gospel and Talks - 26
« on: June 23, 2009, 01:21:17 PM »
Talk No. 348 describes the conversation between a devotee
and Bhagavan Ramana, where He explains the term 'diving'.

Devotee:  There are times when persons and things take on
a vague almost transparent form, as in a dream.  One ceases
to observe them as from outside, but is passively conscious
of their existence, while not actively conscious of any kind
of self-hood.  There is a deep quietness in mind.  Is it, at
such times, ready to dive into the Self?  Or is this condition
unhealthy, the results of self-hypnotism?  Should it be
encouraged as a means of getting temporary peace?

Bhagavan:  There is consciousness along with quietness
in the mind.  This is exactly the state to be aimed at.  The
fact that the question has been framed on this point, without
realizing the that it is the Self, shows that the state is no steady but casual.

The word 'diving' is appropriate to the state of outgoing tendencies, when the mind is to be diverted and turned
within so as to dive below the surface of externalities.
But when deep quietness prevails without obstructing
the consciousness, where is the need to dive?  If the state
be not realized as the Self, the effort to do so may be called
'diving'.  The state may be in that way be said to be suitable
for realization or 'diving'.  Thus the last two questions in the
paragraph are unnecessary.

Arunachala Siva.