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Maharshi's Gospel and Talks - 23
« on: June 23, 2009, 11:44:53 AM »
Talks No. 328 tells about the conversation of a European
gentleman, who discussed about disembodied souls with
subtle bodies, i.e. Siddha purushas.

European:  Are their bodies temporary as our bodies are?
Do they re-incarnate?

Bhagavan:  These questions arise because you think you
are the body.  The body has birth and death and when this
body falls another body arises which is called re-incarnation.
But are you the body?  If you find that you are not this body
but the Spirit, you will be free from gross or subtle bodies and then there will be no limitations. Again, consider it from another point of view.  You create a dream body for yourself  in the
dream and act with that dream-body.  The same is falsified
in the waking state. ... That which is real must be for ever.
But you say 'I'.  This 'I-consciouness' is present through all the
three states.  That alone is Real.....  The feelings of limitations
is the work of the mind.  What is mind?.... Find it.  If you search for it, it will vanish by itself.  For it has no real existence. It is
comprised of thoughts.  It disappears with the cessation of

European:  When I try to meditate, I am unable to do because my mind wanders.  What should I do?

Bhagavan:  Your question furnishes the answer.  You say you
concentrate, but do not succeed.  'You' means 'the Self'. On
what do you concentrate.  Where do you fail?  Are there two
selves?, for one to concentrate on the other? Which is the self
that is now complaining of failure.  There cannot be two selves.
There is only one Self.  That need not concentrate.  .... You
yourself admit that it is the wandering mind.  Find out the mind.
If its 'wandering' stops it will be found to be the Self.  Your
'I-consciousness' which is spirit eternal.  It is beyond knowledge and ignorance. [Read here Who am I?  If you enquire what is
the mind, the mind itself will be the Self.  Manam Thaanai mudiyum.....].   If the mind is watched, thoughts cease.  King
Janaka said: " I have now found out the robber [namely, mind]
who has been robbing me of my 'I-ness'.  I will instantly kill
the thief [mind]."

Now another devotee interposed:  The mind must kill the mind.

Bhagavan:  If there be mind.  A search for it discloses its non-
existence.  How can anything that does not exist can be killed?

European:  Should we not contemplate the Japa and repeat it orally also?

Bhagavan:  If the Japa becomes mental, where is the need
for the sounds thereof?.... The object of Japa or Dhyana is
the exclusion of several thoughts and confining oneself to
one single thought.  Then, that thought too vanishes into
its source -- absolute consciousness or the Self.

Arunachala Siva.