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Maharshi's Gospel and Talks - 18
« on: June 22, 2009, 01:02:50 PM »
Talk No. 223 describes further questions of Dr. Lohara.

Dr. L:  Why does the mind not sink into the Heart even
while meditating?

Bhagavan:  A floating body does not readily sink unless some
means are adopted for making it do so.  Breath-control makes
the mind quiscent.  The mind must be alert and meditation
pursued  unremittingly even when it is at peace.  Then it
sinks into the Heart.  Or the floating body might be loaded
with weights  and made to sink.  So also association with
wise will make the mind sink into the Heart.  Such association
is both mental and physical. The extremely visible being (of
the Guru) pushes the mind inward.  He is also in the Heart
of the seeker and so he draws the latter's inward-bent mind
into the Heart.  If one finds meditation difficult, let him practise
breath-control just a little and the mind will be purified.  It does
not now sink into the Heart because the latent-tendencies stand
as obstacles.  They are removed by breath-control or association
with the wise.  In fact, the mind is always in the Heart.  But
it is restive and moves about on account of latent tendencies.
When the tendencies are made ineffective it will be restful and
at peace.

Arunachala Siva.