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Maharshi's Gospel and Talks - 10
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We then go to Talks No. 132.

An educated man asked:  Is there an Absolute Being?
What is its relation to the relative existence?

Bhagavan:  Are they different from each other?  All your
questions arise only in mind.  The mind arises with waking
and subsides in deep sleep.  As long as there is a mind, so
long will there by such questions and doubts.

Devotee:  There must be stage after stage of progress
for gaining the Absolute.  Are there grades of Reality?

Bhagavan:  There are no grades of Reality.  There are
grades of experience for the Jiva and not of Reality. 
If anything can be gained anew, it must also be lost.
Whreas the Absolute is central and only one -- here and now.

Devotee:  I am always the same.

Bhagavan: Because you see it, this appears to have come
up.  Did you feel this difficulty in the deep sleep?  What
is new now?

Devotee:  The senses and the mind.

Bhagavan:  Who says this?  Is it the sleeper?  The sleeper
has been lost hold of, some spurious offshoot has differentiated himself which is eternal and perfect. Do not engage in such
disputations and put an end to all this.  There will be no
finality to such disputations.  The Self or the "I" is poorna,
there is no differentiation.

[Here I remember a story told in Sri Maha Bhakta Vijayam.
There was one guy who was a great Vittala Bhakta but
who was constantly speaking ill of Siva.  He died and Narayana's messengers took him to hell.  He cried:  How is it I am placed
in Hell whereas I should be in Vaikunta.  I was always praying
to Vittala.  The messengers said:  But you spoke constantly
ill of Siva.  You did not know that both are one and the same.  There was one more staunch Siva bhakta in Pandharpur.  He
was a goldsmith.  He never went to Vittala's temple and had
two large ear-studs which was constantly making sound so that he would not even hear Vittala's name.  It so happened that new ornaments had to be made for Vittala.  He was called in by the local landlord.  He first refused.  But later agreed on a condition that he would close his eyes and touch Vittala and take the
measurements for the ornaments.  He went inside blindfolded.  He touched Vittala's image.  To his surprise he found that Vittala has got long matted locks, crescent moon, and fire and hand-drum on his hands!  He became nervous and opened his eyes and found Vittala's image with his hands kept on his waist and a head gear on top and kasturi tilaka on the forehead.  He did not have either hand-drum and fire nor conchshell and discus!]

Arunachala Siva.