Author Topic: Maharshi's Gospel and Talks - 6  (Read 1470 times)


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Maharshi's Gospel and Talks - 6
« on: June 21, 2009, 10:51:25 AM »
Talk No. 81 is as under: [abridged]

Dr. Bernhard Bey, an American Chemist who had interested
himself in Vedanta for the last 20 years, now in India, came
to visit Bhagavan Ramana.  He asked:  How is abhyasa to be

Bhagavan asked, 'What is your abhyasa till now?'

The visitor said that he has concentrated on the nasal base,
but his mind wandered.

Bhagavan:  'Is there a mind?'

Another devotee gently put in:  The mind is only a collection
of thoughts.

Bhagavan: 'To whom are the thoughts?  If you try to locate
the mind, the mind vanishes and the Self remains.  Being
alone, there can be no one-pointedness or otherwise.'

The visitor:  It is so difficult to understand this.  If something
concrete is said, it can be readily grasped.  Japa, Dhyana
etc., are more concrete.

Bhagavan: 'Who am I? is the best Japa.

What could be more concrete than the Self?  It is within each
one's experience, every moment.  Why should he try to catch
anything outside, leaving out the Self?  Let each one try to
find out the known Self instead of searching for the unknown
something beyond. 

The Visitor:  Where shall I meditate on the Atman?  I mean
in which part of the body?

Bhagavan:  The Self should manifest itself.  That is all that
is wanted.

A devotee:  On the right side of the chest, there is the
Heart, the seat of Atman.

Another devotee:  The illumination is in that where the
Self is realized.

Bhagavan:  Quite so.

Arunachala Siva.