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Pamban Swamigal - Some more information
« on: June 19, 2009, 05:16:58 PM »
1. When Pamban Swamigal was 13 years old, he went to the
coconut garden of his father along with him.  It was quite
early in the morning.  He said he would wait at the entrance
and bid his father go in.  When there were first rays of sun,
he was chanting Skanda Sashti Kavacaham of Bala Devaraya
Swamigal.  He suddenly felt an urge to compose poems.  He
took out a silver writing instrument from his hip, picked a dry
palmyra leaf and starting writing his first poem, starting as
To Siva who carries Ganga and who begot Skanda as his
own form.

2.  He wrote 100 songs in 100 days.  He was given upadesa
of Sadakshara Mantra of Skanda by one brahmin later.

3. He got married and became father of three children.  Suddenly he felt that he should take sannyasa and leave
the family.  A brahmin appared when he was stepping out
of the house and prevented him from going.  He said 'Skanda
is calling me, I shall go.'  However that brahmin did not permit
him.  Skanda appeared in his dream and said:  'How can you say
I permitted you to take up sannyasa.  It is all your ego's
mischief. Stay with family for some more time and complete
the life's purpose.'  Then the saint realized that the brahmin
was none other than Skanda.

4.  He was again taught Dahara Vidya,  Upasana in Heart
centre by another brahmin.  Bhagavan's method may also
be Dahara Vidya, but He did not specifically say so in any
of His conversations.  The saint started treating Skanda
as Siva, Uma, Ganapati, Vishnu -- all in one.  He called
Skanda as six faced Siva.

5. He met with an accident in Madras.  He was hospitalized
with fracture in both legs.  The doctors said that it would take
six months to get cured.  But in night, the doctors and others
saw the saint's two legs supported by Spears!   He got cured
in 11 days.

6. Pamban Swamigal had written in all 6666 verses with
20 prose essays.  He completed his works with the famous
Panchamirta Varnam, where he profoundly thank Arunagiri
Natha, as he had taken a vow that he would complete his
compositions with the last song mentioning Arunagiri Natha.

7.  He attained Maha Nirvana at the age of 79 in Tiruvanmiyur
in Madras.

8.  In Tiruchendur when devotees were singing his songs,
one old lady of 80 years saw a young lad with two young girls
with him, standing in cognito and lisening to the songs!  She
said  it was Skanda, VaLLi and Deivayanai.  This place
is now built with a nice hall for singing Tiruppugazh and
songs of Pamban Swamigal.

9.  Pamban Swamigal has done a lot of magic with words
in his poems.  All his 6666 songs have been published
but these are not available now readily.  His few songs
have become more famous and these are sung along with
Tiruppugazh songs in various towns and cities.

10.  In Panchamirta Vannam last song, he makes a canvas
where Skanda is dancing with 40 other gods and animals
including the Rooster and the Peacock.  This is easily the
most wonderful song of the saint poet.

Arunachala Siva.