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Maharshi's Gospel and Talks
« on: June 20, 2009, 10:53:08 AM »
The compilation Talks made by Munagala Venkatramaiah
covers a four period roughly from May 1935.  Its authenticiy
has to be trusted on the fact that Bhagavan Ramana had
perused these writings everyday almost and even corrected
a few of them.

Talks cover the topic of mind, mind control etc., in a number
of entries.  It begins with Talk No. 26:

Devotee: Now for the eliminating the mind and developing
intuition in its stead, are there two distinct stages with
possible neutral ground, which is neither mind nor intuition?
Or does the absence of mental activity necessarily involve
Self Realization?

Bhagavan:  To the abhyasi, practitioner, there are two distinctive
stages.  There is a neutral ground of sleep, coma, faint,
insantity, etc., in which mental operations either do not exist
or consciousness of Self does not prevail.

Devotee:  Taking the first part, how is the mind to be eliminated
or relative consciousness transcended?

Bhagavan:  The mind is by nature restless.  Begin liberating
it from its restlessness.  Give it peace.  Make it free from
distractions.  Train it to look inward.  Make this a habit.  This
is done by ignoring the external world and removing the obstacles to peace of mind.

Devotee:  How is restlessness removed from the mind?

Bhagavan:  External contacts -- contacts with objects, other
than itself -- make the mind restless.  Loss of interest in
non-Self, Vairagya, is the first step.  Then the habits of
introspection and concentration follow.  They are characterized
by control of external senses, internal faculties, etc., Sama,
Dama etc., ending in Samadhi, undistracted mind.

Arunachala Siva.