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Destiny and Free will
« on: June 19, 2009, 02:35:14 PM »
Bhagavan Ramana has said:  Destiny alone is there.  There
is no freewill for anybody.  If you merge in the Self, destiny's
effects will not affect you at all.  As otherwise, every act of
yours is controlled by destiny.  Even lifting the hand-fan and
after moving it for some time, for breeze and putting it back
on the ground is also determined by God."

In this connection, one Mr. Tiruchy Kalyanaraman, who is
discoursing on Mahabharata [select stories] in Sri Sankara
TV has told an interesting story from Viveka Chintamani,
a Tamil work of verses. It is briefly as under:

When Duryodhana called Dharmaputra and his brothers for
dice game, Dharmaputra asked Sahadeva about going to
that game.  Sahadeva said:  "What is the use of my telling
anything?  If the destiny decides to send you, you will all
have to go and I shall also come with you."

The Viveka Chintamani story:

Once an astrologer who wanted to marry the princess, told
the King:  Your daughter will bring ill-luck for you.  So, you
send her out of the palace.  The king agreed and placed her
in a box, closed it, and then putting some gold and silver
for her livelihood in the box, pushed the box into the fast
running river.  The astrologer quitely followed the box in
the river so that he could take the box, marry the princess
and also get some wealth.  He went on a horseback, but the
river flowed so swiflty, he could not catch up with the box.
Meantime, the box got struck near a large bush and stopped
moving.  A prince from the neighbouring country, who had
hunted a tiger [which was wounded but not dead], saw the
box, opened it and found the princess with a lot of gold and
silver.  They got married.  He quietly placed the wonded tiger in the box, closed it and allowed it to flow again in river water.  The astrologer came after sometime, found the box in a different place under a different bush.  He greedily opened the box and
the wounded tiger pounced on him and killed him!  This is
destiny, Vidhi and man has not free will at all, swaya-iccha.  Even Self realization is possible only if the Self wills it.

(Source: Sri Sankara TV discourse.)

Arunachala Siva.