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Maharshi' Gospel and Be as You are
« on: June 19, 2009, 01:11:26 PM »
Maharshi's Gospel is quoted by David Godman, in his famous
book BE AS YOU ARE, a number of times.  He quotes:

1.  2 times under The Nature of the Self.
2.  2 times under Self Awareness and Self ignorance.
3.  2 times under The Jnani.
4.  2 times under Self Enquiry - Theory.
5.  4 times under Self Enquiry - Practice.
6.  1 time under Self Enquiry - Misconceptions.
7.  1 time under Surrender.
8.  1 time under Guru
9.  1 time under Silence and Satsangha.
10.2 times under Mantas and Japa.
11.1 time under Life in the World.
12. 2 times under Yoga.
13. None under Experience.
14.2 times under Samadhi.
15. None under Visions and Psychic Powers.
16. 2 times under Problems and Experiences.

and a few times in other chapters.

The word Mano Nasa is quoted two times.  The word Mano
Laya is discussed at length.

David Godman says about Mano Nasa:  Sahdaks rarely understand the difference between this temporary stilling
of the the mind [Mano Laya] and permanent destruction
of thoughts [Mano Nasa].  In Mano Laya, there is temporary
subsidence of thought-waves and though this temporary
period may even last for a thousand years, thoughts, which
are thus temporarily stilled, rise up as soon as the manolaya
ceases...... The easy way, the direct way, the shortest cut
to salvation is the enquiry method.  By such enquiry, you
will drive away the thought force deeper till it reaches its
source and merges therein.  It is then that you will have the
response from within and find that you rest their, destroying
all thoughts, once for all.  [Crumbs from the table - Swarnagiri].

Question:  Suppose there is some disturbance during meditation,
such as mosquito bites.  Should one persist in meditation
and try to bear the bites and ignore interruption, or drive
the mosquitoes away and then continue the meditation?

Bhagavan:  You must do as you find most convenient.  You
will not attain mukti simply because you drive them away.
The thing is to attain one pointedness and then to attain
Mano Nasa [=destruction of the mind].  Whether you do this
by putting up with the mosquito bites or driving them away
is left to you.  If you are completely absorbed in your meditation you will not know that the mosquitos are biting you.  Till you
attain that stage, why should you not drive them away?
[Devaraja Mudaliar, Day by Day.]

(Source: David Godman, Be as You are.)

Arunachala Siva.